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Creating an Account

1) Make sure you have an account at and then download the software provided by Linden Lab, a trademark of Linden Research Inc.

2) By creating an account with the World Stock Exchange in Second Life you agree to the WSE Terms of Service, Listing Rules and Constitution.

3) Visit our in-world ATM at Friedman (28, 177, 35) and say "reset password". The first time you do this, it will set up a WSE account for you and give you a temporary password, which you can then login and change.

4) You now have an active account, and can deposit funds, withdraw funds and use the WSE trading platform.

5) To deposit money into the WSE ATM simply right click on the ATM and select Pay then click or type the amount you wish to deposit into your account.

6) To withdraw money from your WSE trading account you will need to teleport to a WSE ATM and type the following command: withdraw amount, where "amount" is the amount you want to withdraw.

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