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Listing Rules

Listing your business with the World Stock Exchange "WSE" will provide access to the global capital market in Second Life. The listing will help you achieve your growth ambitions and successfully make the transition to becoming a public company in the virtual economy of Second Life.

We provide you with the ability to have your shares traded on an easy to use trading system developed by Hope Capital Ltd. We aim to assist all businesses within Second Life to expand, innovate and to participate in the huge growth of this virtual economy. The WSE will act as the financial centre of the Second Life economy.

Providers of capital, known as investors will earn a return on their investments through dividends and capital growth such as an increase in the share price, thereby increasing the overall wealth of the economy, while the businesses in which they invest provide jobs and drive the economic development of Second Life.

World Stock Exchange ("WSE") offers a market for trading in securities. Trading takes place through trading participants. WSE’s market rules govern trading participants’ relationships with WSE, with each other and with clients. WSE supervises the market for securities issued by listed entities. One way it does this is by setting standards for the behavior of listed entities through its Listing Rules.


WSE's Listing Rules govern the admission of entities to the official list, quotation of securities, suspension of securities from quotation and removal of entities from the official list. They also govern disclosure and some aspects of a listed entity’s conduct. Compliance with the Listing Rules is a requirement for admission to the official list. It is also a requirement under the virtual contract that an entity enters into on being admitted.

The founder/owner (applicants) of a group that applies for a listing on the WSE will automatically be required to act as an officer of a public company and to adhere to the constitution and listing rules.

Listing Requirements:
  • Resident of Second Life for a minimum of 60 days
  • Payment Info Used
  • Advanced knowledge of the English Language
  • Minimum of 2 Company Directors and 1 Chairman of the Board
  • The Managing Director cannot buy or sell any shares in the company without approval by the WSE.

Trading Halts, Suspension, Removal

WSE has an full authority concerning the admission of an entity to the official list (and its removal) and quotation of its securities (and their suspension). WSE also has discretion whether to require compliance with the Listing Rules in a particular case (ie, apart from waiving the rules). In exercising its discretion, WSE takes into account the Hope Capital virtues on which the Listing Rules and Constitution are based.

Access to Capital

All capital received during the initial offer period is held in lock down until the offer is fully subscribed. If the initial offer is under-subscribed a meeting will be held between the applicant and the WSE. The results of this meeting will determine whether the company will refund all capital to investor's or remove any outstanding shares so the company can be placed on the Official List.


The internal management of a company on the official list is governed by the Constitution. It is expected that the founder and all related parties of each company will adhere to the Constitution.

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