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May Recap....

Submitted by: Tao Heavy Industries (THI)
Date: May 31, 2007

May was a great month for the company

700% Overall Growth in Profits
100% Growth in Assets
Shae Price Increase
Stabilization of Our Employee's
Lissa Bates Appointed To Staff Manager and Operations Manager
Explosive Traffic Growth
We have brought one new business unit online.
We have formed a strategic partnership with CGI and one of our expansions is being co-developed with CGI
We have started development of our fourth expansion.

We have hopefully shaken up the investors to research there investments and put there money with CEO's who are doing something. Not shoveling crap and making it smell like roses.

We had our problems as well

A high level employee was fired for theft and abusive behavior.
Our Poker Table Scripter obviously could not deliver.
A roulette table was set to test mode and spun 3's till it was caught

About 30 Million L went throw my account in the month. This does not in any stretch of the imagination indicate what we made as this includes all transactions through my account. We operate a very high pay out enviorment.
So a figure of 5% is reasonable.

We have posted the second largest single dividend payment on the exchange ever.

Most of all, we have stuck to our guns.

June looks to be just as bright with 2 business lines coming on line.

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