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KJL's market share in SL

Submitted by: KJL Sales and Rentals (KJL)
Date: May 31, 2007

Just over 2 and half weeks after IPO we can not give any forecast nor projections of profit of June.

What we can do is show the current market share regarding our land sales as of May 30th and state our goals.

Total sold in SL in May : 70,759,888 sqm
KJL sold in SL in May : 477,440 sqm

Market share: 0.67 %

Total for sale in SL now : 23,619,440 sqm
KJL has for sale now : 198,656 sqm

Market share: 0.84 %

We hope to expand our Market share in sales to 1.5 % by the end of July.

We will keep our for sale share around or below 1.2 % as we think it is not needed or responsible to have more land in stock than we can handle.

Kejo Merlin

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