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May Earnings Report

Submitted by: Redux Technologies (RDX)
Date: May 31, 2007

The following is a breakdown for earnings in May, with discussion at the bottom (as usual). Dividend will post at 6pm SL time, 3 hours from now.

Scripting Jobs REQ
Final Payments from April: 355,000
April Jobs Completed: 737,000
Down Payments for May Jobs: 150,000
Scripting Lessons: 69,000
Outsourced Scripting: 385,000
Total Scripting Income: 1,696,000

Outsourced Building: 70,000
Product Income: 50,000
Land Sales: 730,500
Tier Collected: 455,000
Total Etc Income: 1,255,500

TOTAL IN: 2,951,488 (we lost 12 lindens somewhere... possibly in a pocket in the washing machine).

Payment toward land purchase: 836,621
Monthly Land Tier: 324,500
Classified Ads: 36,000
Physical Infrastructure: 300,000

TOTAL OUT: 1,496,612


Remaining land expense for June: 0
Remaining Physical Infrastructure: 600,000

Current Assets (pre-dividend)
4 sims + infrastructure: appx 2200000
Liquid Assets: 5,814,805 + 1,404,812 = 7,219,617
Total: 9,419,617

Total: 600,000

Total Assets minus debits: 8,819,617
Planned Dividend: 1,404,876
Net Assets Remaining: 7,414,741

Original IPO Balance: appx 4.1 Mil
Original cash on hand: 400,000

Net asset growth (since IPO): 2,914,741
-Note, NET ASSET GROWTH only counts as money which is staying inside the company.
-Dividends paid out are NOT counted as assets.
-Land sold and subsequently abandoned contributes to "assets"


The remaining land debits from the original land purchase, as well as the first installment (of 3) for the laptop we purchased were expensed for this month.

This will free us up a bit, as now that we've payed all our land off, any future sales or money above tier will be considered as "profit". We're still losing a little money off tier each month, but we're almost at break-even at 65% occupancy, which is great because most land barons don't start breaking even until they hit about 80%. At 95% occupancy we expect to be bringing in around 500 USD per sim, which translates to about 130,000 lindens per sim, or just over 500,000 total.

There was a significant drop in building income this month, as our chief builder has fallen in love and is spending his time writing poetry and sticking words together instead of sticking prims together. We expect his return shortly.

A final note. There are two very big pieces of news this month that I'm going to do separate anouncements for when we have more information. In brief...

1) It turns out that Jess, who runs Jess's Avatar Designs (a subdivision of RDX), is actually a phenomenal 3d artist and can make some very advanced sculpted prims. As far as we know, Jess is possibly the only furry avatar designer who will be making sculpted avatars any time in the near future. There have been a lot of furries stopping by to look (our traffic has been way up as word is getting out), and there has been quite a lot of excitement generated from this.

Also, I just found out a few hours ago that one of our biggest and most loyal clients has just listed an IPO on the WSE. This person has brought me a lot of business in the past, and has always loved everything I've made. Jobs from this client are always interesting and fun, and cater to my specialty (gadgetry, mad science, etc), and are well paying. If this IPO goes thorugh, RDX may find itself with more high paying jobs than we can handle over the next few months. I'm going to be discussing this with the CEO of the company later today and will post more information on the company and any ways we can mutually benefit each other.

<3 Redux

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