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Submitted by: International Business Management (IBM)
Date: June 01, 2007

International Business Management has grown substantially in the past 4 weeks mainly due to our involvement here on the WSE and in response to our current process marketing plan. We have been retained by 7 additional companies, 5 contracts providing monthly revenue. Keep in mind all of this has been accomplished pre expansion, using a limited marketing budget which will be increased next month, based on this month's totals.


Gross Income: $351,500L
AMS Marketing: $136,000L
IPO Application Preparation: $84,000L
IPO Review: $41,500L
Business Valuation Consult: $10,000L
Inventory Management: $15,000L
Business Consultation: $50,000L
Identification Verification: $15,000L

Total Expenses: $52,900L
Current Tier: $25,000L
Payroll: $12,300L
Marketing: $15,600L

Total Profit: $298,600

When we reach the trading floor in June we will be using the entire month of June profits for dividend calculations.
Based on the current Net Profit, the dividend would be calculated as follows:

5% $14,930 to be donated
95% $283,670 paid as dividend

.0405 dividend per share would be paid

We realize this growth rate per month may not be normal, however being the first company to provide services of this nature there is no model for comparison. I do feel strongly that we will be able to maintain a monthly dividend of .040, and in the more likely case that profits increase slightly a weekly dividend of .011.

At the IPO rate of 1.00L, our very conservative current price to earnings ratio is 2.06, with a forward estimated P/E ratio still around 1.12. Note these ratios are calculated at IPO price (still available).

Isiety Stardust
CEO International Business Management

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