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Company Update

Submitted by: Daztec Rentals Group (DTR)
Date: June 01, 2007

To the shareholders

Shopping Complex

Our new shopping complex is nearly complete & ready for tenents. The complex boasts 20 speacialty shops as well as 2 office blocks with a total of 16 office suites. These new delelopements will add greatly to our asset portfolio increasing our profit margin & boosting the vcalue of opur company.


We have employed 2 sales staff at this stage & are currently looking for more staff to fill positions within the company.
Walker Wise is currently in negotiations with PeoplePool regarding a staffing contract.

DRT Shareholders Group is now open & we invited all shareholders & investers to join the group as it will allow you to keep upto date with whats going on in the company & also allow u to vote

Blake Matthews
CEO Daztec Rental Group

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