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Stopping rumors NOW!!!

Submitted by: L&L; Rentals and Sales (LLL)
Date: June 01, 2007

L&L has always had a commitment to telling the truth promptly before anyone else has had a chance to lie. I have gotten many inquiries from stockholders about L&LBT and its listing on another stock exchange.

At this time, L&L has NO plans to move LLL to another exchange. We have done well with the WSE, being one of the first companies listed and we are anxious to see where the WSE goes with all of the current changes. Our decision to list the bank elsewhere was to gain a market presence fast and not become lost in the waiting IPOs as AQU has due to the current needs of L&LBT.

As for the allegations proposed against AVIX, these are the actions of people angry at the WSE for whatever reason and are not linked to AVIX or AIC and its partners. After enduring a rigorous series of checks and balances just to reach the IPO process, I can only commend AVIX for their due diligence.

It would be nice if people go to the source for information instead of rumors. Rumors and misinformation can cause tremendous problem when they are not necessary. I am very straight forward and will answer just about any question asked about the way I do business with L&L, L&LBT, AQU, and our positions on any of the stock exchanges.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have by IM or at


Lindsay Druart

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