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International Business Management moved to trading floor !

Submitted by: International Business Management (IBM)
Date: June 16, 2007

We asked that you embrace our vision, and many of you have. Now is our time! International Business Management has been officially moved to the trading floor!

International Business Management has raised enough funds to complete our current SLBooks project, design of our much needed web interface, and hire one additional staff member at this time.

We will be continuing to operate at our current location and may revisit the idea of acquiring an entire island sim once again in the future.

Our current focus will be finalizing the SLBooks program and integration of our identity verification system with our website and Second Life.

Based on current rough totals first posted dividend will be greater than .040L per share. This will be made upon the release of our completed web site, beginning a cycle of monthly dividends to follow.

Any questions, feel free to IM me In-World. Thank you everyone, once again, for your support.

Isiety Stardust
CEO International Business Management

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