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Submitted by: International Business Management (IBM)
Date: May 21, 2007

Integrus Outline

What is Integrus?

Integrus will be the first system available for Second Life users to establish a credit rating, and for established businesses to provide credit reporting. Lenders of all sizes will now be able to establish credit accounts with the security provided by a risk assessment.

How will it work?

Companies and residents will register online at After setting up an account, different levels of identification verification will be available. After registration, companies will have several tools available to facilitate Second Life Business transactions:

Contract Writing Tools
In this section businesses will be provided with tools to help them create proposals for services to their client, which can later serve as contracts. When a proposal is completes, it will then be sent to the intended client in Second Life and via email and a copy will be retained by Integrus.

All proposals will contain an estimate. Upon receipt of the contract clients will be asked to virtually initial the terms and conditions, and agree to the proposed estimate. If a deposit is required the generated in game item will also be payable.

All of the details of the transaction are then recorded, as well as the acceptance or denial by the client.

Employment verification

Allow Integrus to verify the income and time of employment of you potential clients or employees. Agreement will need to be accepted by both parties before any information is disclosed regarding personal information.

Invoicing Tools

As work of the approved contract progresses or is complete, businesses will have the tools available within Integrus to create and send invoices to established clients. These invoices will be payable online or through the website. All details of these transactions will once again be recorded by Integrus.

Lender Tools

Lenders will be provided with tools required to create loan applications and agreements. Lenders will then establish terms for the agreements, and payment schedules. All payments paid using the Integrus systems will be logged in the payees corresponding credit history file.

Credit Reporting

Using data logged through this system, Integrus will be able to build accurate credit histories on both consumers and businesses within Second Life. Businesses will now be able to request a credit score of anyone registered in the system, and with their express permission, it can be provided. The credit score will be determined using a combination of the account payment history, amounts owed, length of credit history, steps taken to identification verification, and types of credit currently used.

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