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Company: KJL Continent (KJC)

Outstanding Shares: 6,000,000

(Total Shares Issued including restricted shares owned by company officers. Shares that have been repurchased by the company in a buyback are removed. )

Market Capitalisation: L$6,000,000.00

(The total market value of a company. Total Shares Outstanding multiplied by the current Share Price)

Market Rating:

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Board of Directors

(A group of individuals that are elected as, or elected to act as, representatives of the stockholders to establish corporate management related policies and to make decisions on major company issues. In a virtual company the board mostly provide advice and feedback to the companies management team and CEO.)

Chief Executive Officer: Kejo Merlin
CEO: Kejo Merlin
COO: Kristjan Flanagan
Rental Officer: Busty Bade


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