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General Details

Company: Hope Capital Ltd (HCL)
Outstanding Shares: 25,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Lukeconnell Vandeverre
Chairman: Lukeconnell Vandeverre
Executive Director: Julio Koltai
Non-Executive Director: Erik Goff
Non-Executive Director: Douglas Peart
Non-Executive Director: Philippe Daniels
Non-Executive Director: Herald Innis
Non-Executive Director: Jermaine Sapwood
Non-Executive Director: Morris Vig
Non-Executive Director: Intlibber Brautigan
Non-Executive Director: Gordon Wendt
Non-Executive Director: Simon Sugita
Non-Executive Director: Susan Pegler
Non-Executive Director: Liam Kanno
Non-Executive Director: Secret Diplomat


CEO's Real Life Name: Not Specified
CEO's Real Life Location: Not Specified

Cash on Hand: L$1.00
Land Owned: 23,000m2
Land Value: L$15.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$345,001.00

Monthly Income: L$0.00
Monthly Expenses: L$0.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,

On behalf of my fellow Directors, I am pleased to provide you with an opportunity to become a Shareholder in the Second Life group of Hope Capital Ltd.

Hope Capital Ltd. is a group in Second Life, a virtual world owned and operated by Linden Labs. The group is currently owned by myself, LukeConnell Vandeverre and operates the Hope Capital Centre which has rapidly expanding assets and business interests in the virtual economy of Second Life.

I first found out about Second Life in an interview with Anshe Chung by The Age, an Australian newspaper. It was through reading this interview that I decided to visit, sign up and download the software. I've been a resident of Second Life since the 3rd December 2006.

In just a little over 2 months I've seen the membership base of Second Life grow from around 1.8 million members to almost 4.3 million. It didn't take long for me to become convinced that the virtual world of Second Life will continue to grow at a rapid rate throughout 2007 and therefore it would be a great environment to establish a few in-world business ventures.

There are a large number of opportunities within the Second Life economy to generate significant profits using the linden currency as Anshe Chung has shown us. I purchased the World Currency Exchange from its creator Adam Constantineau with the intention to expand the current operations. I created the Hope Capital Ltd group to act as a company and began working on my vision to establish the Hope Capital Centre, a building that would also act as the financial hub of Second Life.

The Hope Capital Centre currently contains a virtual bank called OurBank and the World Currency Exchange along with the construction of a business networking club, leased offices and an auditorium for educational seminars on topics such as investing, fund raising and entrepreneurship.

The Company has a transparent management team with real life business experience. This is supported at the Board level by additional skills in marketing and successful business development in the Second Life economy provided by non-executive Directors.

The virtual world of Second Life is not regulated other than members adhering to the Terms of Service by Linden Lab. All persons related to Hope Capital will adhere to the Terms and Service and live by the company virtues to ensure a high standard of corporate governance and ethics.

The Directors and I believe that there are considerable opportunities for further growth in the Second Life economy and the Hope Capital Centre; therefore we have issued this prospectus to raise funds for the expansion our current operations along with the creation of the World Stock Exchange with a fully automated share trading system and live quotes.

Funding from the IPO raised L$ 4.5 million lindens at L$1 per Share, which, based on current budgets, will provide sufficient funds for planned expansion, marketing expenses, corporate overheads and working capital. A WSE listing will also further enhance the market profile of Hope Capital and provide it with additional access to capital to pursue future growth opportunities. Following the completion of the Offer, the Companies market capitalisation at the Offer Price of L$1.00 will be L$12.5 million.

On behalf of the Directors, it is my pleasure to invite you to become a shareholder in the Second Life group of Hope Capital Ltd and participate in its future growth and prosperity.

Kind Regards,

LukeConnell Vandeverre,
Chairman & CEO

Business Overview

Hope Capital Ltd is an investment company in the virtual world of Second Life. It aims to be the leading investment company in the virtual economy of Second Life.

The company currently owns the following:
- Hope Capital Centre
- OurBank Ltd
- World Currency Exchange
- World Stock Exchange
- Club Ambience

The company invests in property, buys and sells virtual businesses and aims to improve and expand its existing operations in order to make the Hope Capital Centre the financial centre within Second Life.

The mission of Hope Capital is to become the leading investment company in the virtual world of Second Life with over 5% of the virtual economies GDP transacting through Hope Capital Ltd and its related companies and investment activities.

Business Strategy

We aim to achieve this mission through:
- Listing Hope Capital Ltd on the World Stock Exchange
- Invest in the expansion of OurBank and the World Currency Exchange
- Expand the operations of the Hope Capital Centre
- Creating a High Class Business Club - Completing the development of the World Stock Exchange
- The acquisition of key business assets in the Second Life economy
- Establishing OurBank Ltd as the leading bank in Second Life.
- Expand the land assets of Hope Capital Ltd.

Business Strengths


Market Overview


Use of Capital

Hope Capital Ltd expects to raise L$5,500,000 under the Offer and will use the proceeds as follows:
- Capital Expenditure L$ 4,700,000
- Working Capital L$ 800,000

The remaining 60% will be held in lindens, with 40% held in a separate Second Life account to act as a vault and to protect funds against any potential technical faults or hacking.

Risk Factors



Julio Koltai - Chief Operating Officer

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