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General Details

Company: L&L; Rentals and Sales (LLL)
Outstanding Shares: 620,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Lindsay Druart
Chief Executive Officer: Luke Birdbrain
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Lindsay Druart
Director: Luke Birdbrain


CEO's Real Life Name: Sheffie Cochran
CEO's Real Life Location: Georgia USA

Cash on Hand: L$761,256.00
Land Owned: 200,706m2
Land Value: L$17.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$4,173,258.00

Monthly Income: L$427,213.00
Monthly Expenses: L$32,500.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Shareholder,

We stake ourselves in providing the best possible solutions for you property owning needs. We specialize in a professional environment with interaction available for large projects offline. We want all of our customers to be happy with the service we provide so that our shareholders see the spoils of our success. It is for you that we are profitable and for our customers we are professional. Feel free to contact the CEO or the Chairman with any questions about our business etiquette, our ethics, or our current profitability. We look forward to your happiness as a shareholder.


Business Overview

L&L; Rentals and Sales brings a new idea to real estate. Not only do we find custom properties, we custom build you home to your specifications and provide you with a professional decorating experience. From waterfalls to huge rugs, we provide everything needed for your household. We also offer other services such as property management and traffic consultation. We buy closing clubs, redevelop them, remarket them, and sell the club once the new brand has been established. We offer tons of solutions for tons of people.

Business Strategy

The strategy of the business is to provide solutions for the newbie or SL to the business mogul. We manage complete regions as well as smaller residential lands and large business. We have builders on staff to build from scratch or to modify and existing building. We operate fast and provide solutions at reasonable costs, usually below market value. We search for great prices and pass the savings on to our customers. You will be glad you did business with us.

Business Strengths

Our greatest business strength is our people. We are professional and come from all walks of life to be able to assist our customers. We personalize purchasing rather than just putting signs on the land for it to be sold. Our agents are knowledgeable and someone is usually available around the clock.

Market Overview

The market is growing and needs of customers are changing. Some SL residents are unable and are not willing to endure the free for all of mainland and want more structure and control in their living and business dealings. We provide that with our private sims, theme structure, and detailed covenants.

Use of Capital

The proceeds from our shareholders will be used to purchase more land to have more on hand choices for our customers. We sell them just as fast as we buy them and our referral base has become huge. We are also bringing on more staff and training them to service our customers with the best in professionalism and ethics. This will also give us more working capital as we raise our tiers.

Risk Factors

At this time, we have do not have any risk factors involved as our overhead is extremely low and our profit high.


Chief Executive Officer, Luke Birdbrain
Owner of Aquatica
Leonetta Counsel Lord, Leonetta

Chief Executive Officer, Lindsay Druart
Chairman of L&L; Rentals and Sales
Chief Communications Officer, Second Life Investment Bank
Non-Executive Director, Xanther Corporation
Non-Executive Director, Delgado Promotion Services
Leonetta Queen, Leonetta

Board members have not been appointed at this time....

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