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General Details

Company: Myth Enterprises (MYT)
Outstanding Shares: 25,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Mithik Vavoom
VP of Operations: Bunch Creeggan
Chief Communications Officer: Lister Ng
Chief Technology Officer: Arcticfire Sabre
Chief Operating Officer: Valek Hin
Chief Marketing Officer: Rieana Golding


CEO's Real Life Name: Mithoon Patel
CEO's Real Life Location: US

Cash on Hand: L$350,000.00
Land Owned: 262,144m2
Land Value: L$15.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$4,282,160.00

Monthly Income: L$1,384,560.00
Monthly Expenses: L$450,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Prospective Investor,

Myth Enterprises is the parent company of Myth Poker House and Casino. Since the inception of Myth Poker House and Casino in May of 2006, we have consistently provided our guests with the best poker experience possible. With our loyal guest base we have been able to grow by leaps and bounds and currently have a 62% market share of poker in Second Life.

As the pioneer in the poker industry in Second Life, we were the first to incorporate a 24/7 live dealer support for our guests. While others allowed their equipment to collect dust we provided an honest, fair and inviting area for our guest to enjoy their poker experience in Second Life. We were also the first to post our tournament schedules for our guests so that they could manage their time and enjoy a tournament on their terms. Although, these practices are now copied, we still continue to remain a step above our competitors in service, hospitality and ethics.

We invite you to join us in the profits that our guests have bestowed us by purchasing a portion of Myth Enterprises.

Business Overview

Myth Enterprises Currently makes on average 1,384,560L$ and we estimate that our potential monthly income will increase to 1,592,244L$ after the addition of Mythland III and Mythland IV.

Myth Enterprises is currently working on establishing an entertainment company that will bring more income through advertising and reduce costs for the company as a whole.

With our vision set for the future, we plan on investing in business enterprises that have conducted themselves with the utmost ethical standards and grow along with their expertise as well.

It is our mission to be finanacialy successful through great people consistently delivering great service, the most ingenious ideas and the best technology that is available to us.

Business Strategy

Myth Enterprises strives to continue to provide the best guest relations that we can. We know that we cannot make everyone happy, but we also know that by treating each other with dignity, respect, Honesty and Integrity we can achieve our goals of financial prosperity.

We have a team of experts in key positions of the company whose vision, hard work and dedication have allowed us to grow tremendously in the past year.

Business Strengths

Myth Enterprises currently holds 62% market share of the poker business in Second Life. With the burgeoning addition of members to Second Life we have seen an increase of 18% profits. Currently our key competitive advantages are management, guest base and longevity. The reemergence of the Virtual Poker Tour will provide a tremendously profitable avenue for our share holders.

Market Overview

Our major clients are those that choose to play in an establishment that does not tolerate unethical behavior. We conduct ourselves with the utmost honesty and we expect our guest to do the same. Currently our major competitors include the Four Deuces, Scores and Montana's Poker Room. We estimate a growth of 15% each quarter and we will continue to gain market vaule at a rate of 4% through our established practices.

Use of Capital

The Capital will be used to purchase 2 more SIMs Mythland III and Mythland IV respectively. Tier for 3 months on all 4 SIMs, plus management salaries are part of the Capital needs. Myth Radio will require capital to become successful as well and we will use our resources to ensure that it comes online and becomes a profitable arm of Myth Enterprises.

Risk Factors

The risks of investing with us are the loss of market value due to an exhorbant change in the poker environment, the technological faliures of Linden Labs and Second Life. Other risks involved would be the complete shut down of gambling operations within Second Life as prescribed by Real Life Governmental agencies. Myth Enterprises will comply with all Real Life Regulations in this aspect.


Mithik Vavoom is our CEO. He recognized the need for a honest, ethical and organized establishment for Poker enthusiasts in Second Life and opened the doors to Myth Poker House and Casino in May of 2006. He has expertly crafted his team in order to maximize guest relationships and ethical code of conduct. His expertise in running a business and looking to the future with sights on conglomeration is his true strength.

Valek Hin our COO is a student of International Business Management in Real Life and has brought these skills to our company.

Bunch Creeggan our VP of Operations, single handedly increased our Group Membership by 600%. The Myth Poker Players Group now boast over 1600 members and we continualy add more memebers on a daily basis.

We recognized the talent of Lister Ng and his DJ skills and he now currently holds the title of Chief Communications Officer. With his skill in this field Myth Enterprises hopes to open Myth Radio. Effectively cutting advertising costs, providing 24/7 Live DJs taking requests for our vauled guests.

Rieanna Golding, whose resume includes top management of Ice Dragons Playpen is our Chief Marketing Officer. Her talent brings to us tremendous opportunities to work with other markets in Second Life and will help us integrate a number of different avenues for cooperations between business leaders throughout the Second Life Virtual World.

The golden heart of Graciella Princess has allowed us to help others in need and we will continue to give back to our community through charitable contributions in a number of different forms. Most recently we were able to raise 160K L$ for one of our causes. We hope to continue on this trend.

Arcticfire Sabre is the our CTO. He expertly crafted the Poker Buddy Hud System. His expertise in LL scripting will allow us to add more features to our operations as we continue to grow.

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