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General Details

Company: Dare Win Fund (DWF)
Outstanding Shares: 102,571
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Alextseng Rau
Vice CEO: Tibetane Barzane
Manager: Jennifer Skirr


CEO's Real Life Name: Alex Tseng
CEO's Real Life Location: Taiwan

Cash on Hand: L$1,500,000.00
Land Owned: 0m2
Land Value: L$0.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$1,500,000.00

Monthly Income: L$2,000,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$300,000.00

Chairman's Letter

This is the CEO of DWF Alextseng Rau formerly Tseng Weir has been in Sl for a minimum of 60 days the reason I changed my aviator is because I didn’t like my old name since "Tseng" is my last time and I didn’t like people just calling me "Tseng".


Thank you for your interest of Dare Win Fund. I have a very strong confident that you would not lose your money here and will have a lot of dividends after we make money.

Alextseng Rau

Business Overview

We will be buying big amounts of one IPO and therefore we can control the market price because we own most of the stocks on the market. We will then sell it! But to protect the market we will not sell all of our stocks at once unless it is in a situation where we have to enable to not lose money.
We will be setting up a goal every quarter and as soon as we reach we will be sending out dividends to shareholders.

Land Project: We will buy land and build stores so it is all ready to go and either sell it or rent it to people.

Business Strategy

To decide what up coming IPOs to buy we will have a evaluating team evaluating on all up coming IPOs so this will reduce the chance of making a mistake on investing a company.

As soon as the market value of the stock we bought rises we will sell it but to protect the market and the company we will be selling it out bit by bit.

To do something for all traders and shareholder as a feedback we will be writing a weekly news paper about good stocks and give people advice on which to buy and which not to buy. We do this also to make people know us, commercial our company, and also to build reputation of our company.

We work with linden bank and share good ideas on what we should do on land projects.

Business Strengths

We have a strong evaluating team Jennifer, a smart investor and knows what shareholders want.
Alextseng Rau an experienced trader both on real life and second life.
jasper Tizzy: Has already build several cities and lots of stores.

Market Overview

Looking at all up coming on the wall in the WSE building, I have seen our future people might say we are too slow but I don’t think so. The game is starting now!

Looking at how SL is now known by world wide there will be new citizens joining us here in SL wanting to make moeny. So, we sell them our stores or rent it to them for them to make money.

Use of Capital

We will be using cash on investing on up coming IPOs, land projects and others on company expenses including rent of office and salaries of the evaluating team.

Risk Factors

The risk of this company is if we invest on the wrong company we might lose money.Or making a wrong investment on lands. Both risks can be prevented by our strong and experienced evaluating team.


CEO : Alextseng Rau
Vice CEO: tibetane Barzane
Chairman: Jennifer Skirr
Manager: jasper Tizzy

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