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General Details

Company: Rindustries (RIN)
Outstanding Shares: 10,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Rin Redgrave
Chief Advisor: Jc Brink
Chief Builder: Alysia Demina


CEO's Real Life Name: Shawn Simas
CEO's Real Life Location: Ontario, Canada

Cash on Hand: L$505,000.00
Land Owned: 4,928m2
Land Value: L$0.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$505,000.00

Monthly Income: L$550,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$50,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Rindustries is my pride and joy. It started off as a hobby, scripting for the residents of Second Life. Eventually, the jobs I was taking on were getting larger and larger and I was bringing in more and more profit until I was able to make it my full time position.

The largest factor limiting the growth of Rindustries is the lack of a proper location to work from and inadequate hardware.

I'm proud to announce JC Brink as our Chief Advisor, Blissfully Obscure as our Chief Builder, and Cat Gisel as our Chief Financial Officer. They are all extremely talented at what they do and are an integral part of what makes Rindustries so successful.

Business Overview

Rindustries is an industry leader when it comes to scripting ability. Recently Rindustries scripted the entire land tier management system used by the Touchet Group Corporation (TGC), as well as many projects for other well known Second Life businesses, some of which will be revealed to the public shortly. Rindustries charges competitive rates and manages programming projects for companies large and small. Rindustries normally works on a contract basis however they are in talks with several SL companies in order to set up permanent long term partnership.
The programming abilities at Rindustries are almost limitless and they can complete anything from simple SL scripts to in depth software solutions for SL businesses including database design and hosting.
Rindustries makes its profits by building scripts for its employees. Currently Rindustries is profiting roughly 550,000 L$ however we project that Rindustries will be profiting around 1,600,000 L$ by the end of May, 2007.

Business Strategy

Rindustries has always been about quality workmanship and great customer service. The staff at Rindustries understands that the clients they work with are not educated in programming and work hard to make sure that every client understands all the steps it takes to finish a project. Rindustries understands that it is the clients that have made Rindustries what they are today and always makes sure to provide nothing but the best level of customer service. Rindustries works with clients even after the project is complete to insure that they are completely comfortable with the finished project.

Business Strengths

Rindustries has a great reputation as being a hardworking and quality programming company. Their strength is in their experience and capabilities. There is no project too large or to complex for Rindustries, allowing them to accept the majority of work that comes their way.

Market Overview

Currently there is an extreme lack of quality programmers in Second Life. Rindustries currently has a large share of a market that is prime for growth. The majority of Second Life scripters are backed up for weeks and this insured that Rindustries will always have a project in the pipeline.

Use of Capital

Monies raised will be used to develop a more formal office and to upgrade the quality of RL equipment used for development. This will allow Rindustries to double their efficiency and workload, allowing the profit to increase.

Furthermore, I would like to hire people to market and sell the scripts that I retain rights on so I can further income on completed jobs.

Risk Factors

Currently the risk is very low for Rindustries due to the high demand for programmers within Second Life. Since Rindustries is an industry leader we feel that there is no large risks associated with this investment.


CEO Rin Redgrave is a former lead software developer for an American based game design studio. Currently he makes his living inside of Second Life, performing projects for Rindustries.

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