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The prospectus is created as an offer document for a new or existing company seeking to raise capital from either private or public investors using an Initial Public Offering (IPO). In some situations a private company not using a stock market will create a document known as an Information Memorandum. Both documents set out to provide detailed information about the company, its mission, strategy, operations, financial information and investment risks.

Company: Action Mortgage & Investment (AMI)
Outstanding Shares: 1,586,546
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Adonis Action


CEO's Real Life Name: Not Specified
CEO's Real Life Location: Not Specified

(Real life details are optional as the WSE is a fictional securities exchange based on avatars in the virtual world of Second Life.)

Cash on Hand: L$122,089.00
Land Owned: 27,016m2
Land Value: L$19.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets (NTA): L$$635,393.00

(NTA is calculated as the total assets of a company, minus any intangible assets such as goodwill, patents and trademarks, less all liabilities divided by Shares Outstanding. Also known as "net asset value", NAV or "book value", BV.)

Monthly Revenue: L$67,530.00
Monthly Expenses: L$45,850.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Shareholders,

We would like to give you a opportunity to become a Shareholder in Action Mortgage & Investment. Becasue there are a few way to generate significant profits in second life if your willing to put the time in. Our you can let us do the work for you while you devote yourself and time to other things while you're in second life.


Adonis Action,

If free to email me anytime at

Business Overview

Action Mortgage & Investment is a company that helps second life residence purchase land for residential & commercial use. Action Mortgage Investment has several projects planned in mall creation and rental property development.

Action Mortgage & Investment company currently owns the following:
- Millionaires Mall (Mall)
- Rental Land
- Millionaires Mall 2 (Comming Soon)

Business Strategy

AMI, will develope profiting real-estate. Allowing newcomers and veterans of second life to advertise and gain profits. Our low rental cost agreements allow business owners to have a greater profit margin. Our land is affordable per square meter, for people of all income sizes. Our plan is to allow the builders and script generators to promote/sale to all second life residence. Having no land fees and no large property payments. We allow a stress free way to live.
We want to assist SL residence with low income paying careers/jobs to afford housing. Allowing you to obtain an establishment and contribute to the economy.
AMI, will invest in only companies that will generate great profit for our shareholders.

Business Strengths

AMI's marketing web site constantly directs Second Life residences to our locations. Having a multi -advertisement campaign through out SL, gains attention and helps spread word of mouth. We our a major contributer to the Where we are adverised monthly on the front page.

Market Overview

Some of AMI's major cutsomers are the retail community, ranging from furnishings,auto sales,skin designers,and the growing fashion community.

Use of Capital

AMI's funding is used to develope more real-estate to obtain more profit. Allowing Second Life to have more of a growing communities/worlds.

AMI, in return will invest in other flourishing businesses in the world.

Risk Factors

Being an investor is a zero to none risk, Second Life land is a valuable commodity.


JAMEST JUNO -Board Member
CHOYCE MOSTEL - Board Member
Puff Magneto -Board Member

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