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General Details

Company: [-DK-] SLottery (DKS)
Outstanding Shares: 3,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Dragon Keen
Sales Director: Jimbo Spinnaker
Marketing Director: Sarah Nerd
Public Relations Director: Diana Merit


CEO's Real Life Name: Joe Kushner
CEO's Real Life Location: Nevada

Cash on Hand: L$150,000.00
Land Owned: 2,560m2
Land Value: L$30.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$226,800.00

Monthly Income: L$300,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$40,000.00

Chairman's Letter

The DK SLottery has become the largest lottery system in SL. With over 1300 lottery machines in-world right now, over 100,000 tickets sold, one jackpot already paid out of L$257,000. The SLottery gains new vendors daily, pays vendors 10% of the ticket price, so they earn money too! No other lottery offeres the jackpot amounts, ease of use, and total automation.

Business Overview

There are 3 versions currently, with more designs to be added soon. Marketing has been good, but a larger marketing budget is needed to get more machines into more spots. A few more creative, and unique designs are in the works as well, for backend payments to the owner of the machine who sells a jackpot ticket... hence getting more payments to the people who rez the lottery machines. Drawings are weekly, however this will likely change to twice a week. The lottery itself consists of 5 numbers, plus a jackpot number. Tickets are L$10 each, making it cheap and fun for everyone involved. Many people buy multiple tickets, and almost everyone is a repeat customer.

Business Strategy

Being a computer programmer by day, I have the skills needed to create a one of a kind unique lottery system. I've been approached multiple times to sell the system, but no price would ever be able to purchase it. The key activities will be marketing and promotion. The rest of the lottery system is in place, and has been for a while, and runs strong without any problems, and is entirely automated.

Business Strengths

The strengths we have over the competition is our sheer size. Over 1300 lottery machines in world and growing. Many have attempted and failed at lottery systems. Where they were unable to succeed, we have been able to prosper. This is due to the software written to handle the lottery itself, and dedication of a few who promote.

Market Overview

Everyone in SL is a potential customer, which is the beauty of a system like this. Most competitors don't offer anything quite like a RL lottery system, which ours is exactly. Also, our customers have no need to "check their ticket" in a piece of land somewhere. The system automatically sends all AVs who purchased a ticket if its a winner or loser. This leaves the guesswork out, and keeps people coming back for more.

Use of Capital

The capital will mainly be used for marketing and advertisement. About 20% will go to software development and machine design. Possible a larger "SLottery Main Location" will also be created to create a sort of lounge atmosphere... however land for the company is not necessarily needed but to the networking of the machines.

Risk Factors

The business plan is very solid, and risk is minimal. The only risk is if for some strange reason people stopped doing what they do now. As I've said, the system is in place, running. Sales happen daily. 350 tickets have sold while writing this.


Dragon Keen is the master software engineer and CEO. He has shown ability to do the impossible in SL with the scripting language.

Jimbo Spinnaker will be the head of sales. From his land brokering skills, he can sell ice to the eskimos

Sarah Nerd will head up marketing. Being the owner of one of the most popular freebie places in SL, and previous owner of the Angry Ant, one of the largest clubs in SL, she has well demonstrated her ability to market well.

Diana Merit will handle any problems that may arise between management and end users.

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