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General Details

Company: Power Investment Group (PSG)
Outstanding Shares: 2,361,920
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Quintin Nasworthy
Chairman: Pj Crosley
Chief Builder Officer: Jamiro Christensen
Landscaping/Information Officer: Doctordaffy Cure
Marketing Officer: Shelly Lemay


CEO's Real Life Name: Quintin
CEO's Real Life Location: Michigan/US

Cash on Hand: L$50,000.00
Land Owned: 0m2
Land Value: L$0.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$50,000.00

Monthly Income: L$75,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$15,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear potential Shareholders,

I would like to invite you to join us in Three huge project, That we feel will be profitable for our stockholders and workers.

The 1st Project will be the creation of the first replica Las Vegas sim in SL we have name the sim Los Vegas. We have hire a team of Builders, Landscapers, scripters to help us build the sim with the lowest amount of prims and lagg as possible.

The sim will host multiple casinos and tournaments as well as strip clubs, dance clubs and a mall to help give it that Las Vegas feel. We will also host the Primary Casino where tournaments will be held ranging from Poker, Greedy, Spades, and other game shows and popular Sl games. As well as sports betting and possible Boxing events.

The 2nd Project will be the Los Vegas Beach Resort Residential sim where people of Second life will be able to live next to Los Vegas to really show off there wealth and there love for gambling. This sim will be a Beach Resort for the Los Vegas Sim.

The 3rd Project will be the Los Vegas Mall where we plan to contact the top clothing designers in regards to placing a store in our Mall.

On completion of the Las Vegas project we estimate that revenue will exceed L$800K per month.

We are confident that this plan will bring in a lot of profit for all those who invest with us. Also just remember one thing.....ITS VEGAS BABY!!!!

Business Overview

Mission -

Run the first ever Las Vegas replica Sim.

Become the #1 Gambling sim in Second life with a strong team of different skilled hard working people.

Filling up the Beach Resort and Mall with occupants within the first 2 weeks.

Hire multiple Dj's to host 24 hour live entertainment.

Business Strategy

We have hired a very skilled Group of Builders, Landscapers, and Scripters to help with the overall design of the sim.

As well as talk with various Casino owners that are interested in Opening up a Casino in Los Vegas.

I have also hired a very knowledgeable team of Directors to help oversee the project and assist me in making good decisions.

We have also completed our Headquarters currently located at BraveHearts (66,66,25)also design by the Chief Building Officer. Our HQ will be relocated to Los Vegas Sim.

Business Strengths

Our Strengths:

We have hired multiple workers to insure that the sim will get completed in the fastest amount of time possible. As well as to insure that the sim will have the "Vegas Feel".

We are creating the first Los Vegas Sim in second life after months of research we have found that there are no sims that has dedicated there sims as being a replica of Las Vegas.

Quintin Nasworthy runs a very succesful Clothing company name Q&S; Designs. Total montly profit from this clothing company is 75k a month. Total Expenses is 15K per month for upload fees and rent fees from various stores.

JAMIRO Christensen runs the company named One Wish. They are Expert Builders with skills in custom small scale projects and large scale projects. The total profit of the company last month was 200000L. Each project ranges from 50K to 100K lindens.

Shelly Lemay owns the sim LeMay Cove Beach & Mall, located in , Ainu (160, 116, 33) which holds Private Romantic coves built on the island. This sim host many top designers in SL also on the sim Shelly Lemay runs her womens clothing and hair store name The Shop. Total profit per month from the sims and her stores all over Sl ranges from 200k to 300K Lindens per month.

Doctordaffy Cure owns the sim Personal Touch Weddings located in Antioch (117, 86, 26). She rents out the sim for Custom Weddings and parties. They also perform wedding in different languages on request. Jamiro Christensen helps with all the building projects on the sim as well. Total profit per month from the sim ranges from 100K to 200K lindens

Market Overview

We know that we have entered a field where there are varies competitors in each of the projects that we are planning to do.

We are confident that we will become a top gambling sim as well as beach resort because of our hardworking staff and dedication to the overall project.

Being the first of our kind will help produce a very large profit as well as traffic.

We estimate that anywhere between 30% to 60% of the profit from the entire project will be use to pay back to the stockholders. All the remaining profit will go towards the running expenses of the project.

Use of Capital

1.Purchasing Lands and Tier cost for the first 2 months.

2.Paying the team of workers to help make this sim look the best possible.

3. Help cover the expense of running the casino.

4. Purchasing the equipment and workers for the casino and various games.

5. Investing back into the company's stockholders to help post a high dividend within the first two months.

Risk Factors

With the new recent Blog posting of the LL stating that all advertising for casinos will not be allowed.

We want to assure the future stockholders that this will not affect our projects. Even if they decide that casino's are no longer allowed in SL.

The Casino part of the Project is only about 5% of the profit that we intend to produce each month.

We will advertise the mall,Poker rooms, Greedy rooms, Night Club, Beach Resort, Strip Club and other various games that will be hosted in the sim.

Before we bought this project to the public we discuss the possiblity of something like this happening and ways to avoid it being a problem for our project even before the LL posted the blog.

So again I want to assure to future stockholders not to worry about this when considering buying our stocks. We look forward to you becoming a part of our company.


Chief Executive Officer: Quintin Nasworthy - is responsible for overseeing the activities of an entire project.

Chairman: Pj Crosley - is responsible for all projects dealing with the WSE and stock holders. Such as dividend policies and stock holder's meetings.

Chief Builder Officer: Jamiro Christensen - is responsible for all the building projects of each sim. Is in charge of the building team that was hired.

Landscaping/Information Officer: Doctordaffy Cure - is responsible for the Landscaping project of the sim as well as reporting various information to the CEO of ways to help control the lagg of the sims.

-Marketing Officer: Shelly Lemay - is responsible for assisting the placement of the Los Vegas Mall and advertisement.

All of my Directors have succesfull business in Sl ranging from Malls, Stock trading , and Building projects.

3 out of 4 of my directors own there own sims in which there buisiness are held and ran.

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