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General Details

Company: SL Marketing (SLM)
Outstanding Shares: 20,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Jon Desmoulins
Vice President: Laylah Mistral
Chief Financial Officer: Financial Resistance
Chief Director of Sales: Xs Andree
Chief Public Relations Officer: Mariana Stallion


CEO's Real Life Name: Jonathan Irvin
CEO's Real Life Location: Texas, USA

Cash on Hand: L$1,500,000.00
Land Owned: 32,768m2
Land Value: L$12.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$1,893,216.00

Monthly Income: L$458,604.00
Monthly Expenses: L$150,737.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Future Investors,

I'd personally like to invite you to take part in what we here at SL Marketing believe will be a great experience for not only our employees, but future affiliates, advertisers, and of We have many plans for the future including raising funds for more associates, increasing our overall network traffic by engaging partnerships with new affiliates, and finally piloting new business literature for those who participate in the business world of Second Life.
I look forward to introducing you to my company and bountiful returns on ALL of our investments!

Jon Desmoulins, CEO, SL Marketing

Business Overview

SL Marketing is a web-based advertising agency that specializes in reaching the MetaVerse. Our target is to advertise on one platform hosted by small, medium, and corporate-sized businesses. Utilizing a central network for banner advertising, we are a catalyst to consolidated marketing and a pilot to this new concept.

Our network reaches over 30 SL and non-SL related websites (mostly SL) ranging from Designer Blogs, to popular online Marketplaces. We offer retail and residual incentives for joining the SL Marketing Network including referral bonuses, per-click weekly payments, and large commissions making us a complete solution for not only advertising, but a powerful marketing ally.

Our mission is simple. Connect and Consolidate. Link business to business and business to client stimulating growth through promotion and marketing utilizing a single platform, expandable not only to Second Life, but to other platforms as well.

Business Strategy

How we will achieve this mission:

-->Forge strong partnerships with many small, medium, and large communities
-->Ensure a strong sales and marketing approach with dedicated staff
-->With the use of varied marketing tactics, self-promote and cross-promote to stimulate sales and public relations

Business Strengths

Our Network and Our People. The power of those two cannot be measured, only harnessed. We hope to grow our network more and cover a larger area to support higher traffic demands and increase global brand recognition for not only us, but everyone under our wing.

We are also a proud member of the SL Business Bureau and stand behind our brand 100% should any issues arise.

Be it noted that the CEO and several directors are also members of the board for the SL Business Bureau.

Market Overview

The partnerships we forge with businesses is what makes us who we are. Some of our larger affiliates include, but certainly not limited to: (Online Marketplace)
-FurNation (Furry Community)
-The World Stock Exchange (This website)
-Gagfunny (RL Web Ring)

Our total network branches to over 30 websites. As far as competition goes, I'm sure we have some, but no one has our network.

Use of Capital

We hope to raise a total of $1 million in L$ in our initial offer. We will use this to increase the incentives for partnerships to stimulate growth not only in Second Life, but other Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing communities as well. We also will use a portion for operating capital to cover employee costs, bonuses, and equipment costs.

Our first plan is to polish any workflows we have to make our system more efficient and a more end-to-end solution.

Next, we will then cover the affiliate payments for clicks and increase the incentive for being an affiliate.

Balancing out our workload, we will hire on more staff as needed to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Risk Factors

There aren't too many risks in the marketing business; however, as stated in the literature on this site, it does not mean there aren't any at all.

Some of our company's risks include losing an affiliate account, technical issues and server downtime for maintenance, as well as the occasional competitor.

We are constantly working to keep all risks at a minimum and branching out to new affiliates, if we were to lose one, we could have several others on standby.


Jon Desmoulins, CEO
Ensures optimal operation of all department trees within the company.

Laylah Mistral, Vice President
Secondary, Ensures optimal operation of all department trees within the company.

Xs Andree, Chief Sales Director
Sales staff management and overall ensures sales standards are met and encourages promotion incentives to stimulate growth of the company and mission success. Also handles direct client interaction and ensures 100% customer satisfaction and retention.

Mariana Stallion, Chief Public Relations / Human Resources Officer
Overall staff management. Also is in charge of Brand Marketing and handles Private, Small-Business, and Corporate Affiliate accounts.

David Shenzhou, Chief Support Officer
Overall ensures 100% equipment operation and tech-support team management and staffing.

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