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General Details

Company: Blumont Capital (BMC)
Outstanding Shares: 1,200,000
Company Website: N/A

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Axe Gretzky
Director: Geno Zhichao
Director: Ace Baker
Executive Director: Grey Rosca


CEO's Real Life Name: Not Specified
CEO's Real Life Location: N/A

Cash on Hand: L$300,000.00
Land Owned: 0m2
Land Value: L$0.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$300,000.00

Monthly Income: L$44,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$0.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Investors,

Opportunity and Due Diligence are more to us than just guidelines, they are the foundation upon which we will build our collective wealth. Blumont has established detailed investment criteria to facilitate the evaluation of each investment opportunity. The following is a representative breakdown of what Blumont will review when evaluating a potential portfolio company:

• management team
• industry dynamics and structure
• company characteristics and feature/organization
• product
• board of directors
• structure of investment
• financial performance
• exit criteria and opportunities for the investment

Thanks I hope you take your time and read all of my listing, and hope to see you as a invester with us
Axe Gretzky

Business Overview

Blumont Capital has always been committed to growing the assets entrusted to it. Through active portfolio management, Blumont has achieved superior returns that rank it among the industry’s most successful firms in Second Life. Blumont’s returns are not fortuitous, but rather the outcome of our original management approach. The more Capital Blumont has the more deals and profit we can all make.

Business Strategy

Managing the investments

Blumont is an active investor that will work with management teams to improve both the financial results and the strategic positioning of its portfolio companies. We will focus on aligning management’s interests with our own by encouraging senior managers of our portfolio companies to become significant, long-term owners of their businesses. In conjunction with management and other stakeholders, Blumont will seek to proactively identify and develop initiatives for change, including:

• implementing strategic initiatives that will materially enhance revenue and earnings before interest, depreciation and amortization growth rates
• recruiting new talent to improve management teams
• improving governance by building an effective board of directors
• refinancing/restructuring the balance sheet
• implementing an effective process for capital allocation
• providing advice on strategic positioning to enhance overall value

Business Strengths


Market Overview

Following the investment, Blumont’s representatives will typically become members of the board of directors of the portfolio company and will maintain regular contact with its management.

Blumont will create value by providing the capital and management expertise necessary to assist small public or private companies to grow in order to take advantage of greater investor appeal, higher valuations and enhanced attractiveness to strategic buyers and investors. Blumont intends to work strategically with the management of portfolio companies to quickly improve the fundamentals of the business and prepare such companies for a strategic sale or business combination, refinancing or public offering, as may be appropriate depending on the particular circumstances.

Here is where I believe other companies fall short. Blumont believes in formulating and maintaining a Managed exit strategy.
The management of Blumont will carefully consider the holding time horizon and possible exit scenarios for each portfolio company investment. Exit mechanisms will include the sale to strategic buyers or financial investors, open market sales, normal course retirement of securities, refinancing and public offerings. We will utilize our extensive business contacts to maximize the exit value of its investments, including merger and acquisition specialists and investment bankers.

In trust to you,

Mr Axe Gretzky,

Use of Capital

nvestment Strategy:
Blumont\'s business model is based on two revenue-generating activities: i) Direct investing: Using the company’s balance sheet to build a diversified portfolio of private equity investments in companies in four business sectors: Service Industry, Intellectual Propery Rights, real estate and financial services. ii) Fund management: Managing private equity funds and structured products sponsored by Blumont not only for institutional and high-net-worth investors but for those who wish to grow their holdings thru time tested means. These private equity funds and structured products will generally follow the same investment strategy and investment process as the company’s direct investment activities. Direct investing Blumont’s direct investing activities focus on private equity investments in the private and public, small to middle markets, with an emphasis on Service Industries,real estate and financial services. Our management team and affiliated companies have strategic relationships across these industry segments, enabling us to acquire, develop and manage a portfolio of diverse investments. Blumont’s investments will finance acquisitions, expansions, restructurings, refinancings, privatizations and management buy-outs. Fund management Blumont will manage and/or sponsor private equity funds for high-net-worth investors. Investments are made through, or in conjunction with, these funds. We may establish investment vehicles to complete specific acquisitions or to carry out a specific mandate to seek out investment opportunities.

The IPO funds will be initally invested in short term interst bearing principles which will be used to pruchase strategic deep valued assets when they come to market, which will grow to form the basis for the Blumont Capital Pool.

Risk Factors

There are always risks to any investment. At blumont capital we try to reduce all risk factors as best we can.


We are always looking for more Management for Investments and profits

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