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General Details

Company: Rezzations (REZ)
Outstanding Shares: 3,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Aaron Levy
Member of the Board: Fiona Fatale
Fiscal Director: Atm Overlord


CEO's Real Life Name: Aaron P
CEO's Real Life Location: Kansas

Cash on Hand: L$25,600.00
Land Owned: 0m2
Land Value: L$0.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$25,600.00

Monthly Income: L$65,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$1,872.00

Chairman's Letter

Potential Shareholder:

Rezzations was founded as Invictus Enterprises in Second Life in June of 2004. Invictus is a latin term that means unconquerable, which is what I believe a solid foundation and a good plan makes a company in the business world.

Our beginnings were humble, literally selling T-shirts out of a shack in Rose. They were custom-made T's back when the only templates available were those from Linden Labs. I began to play with LSL and discovered its incredible power and was hooked. I knew I was going to own my own business in Second Life.

I quickly moved up from T-shirts and started selling simple scripted items -- DJ lights, fog machines, visitor counters and even a few custom gambling machines before getting the idea for Rezzations' most successful product to date: The Trivia Stadium.

The Trivia Stadium's first incarnation was a crudely designed robot called "TriviaBot" that quickly evolved into the multi-seat marble stadium that went on to make more than L$1,000,000 over the life of the product.

For the longest time, our Trivia Stadium was the only automated trivia entertainment available in Second Life. We no longer hold that distinction and the time is right for the next generation of our stadium.

We are seeking to raise capital in order to make Version 2.0 a reality. Money will be used to hire scripters and one or two employees to assist with customer service, which is beginning to overwhelm our small staff (which consists of myself, my wife and a friend of mine). Monies will also be used for advertising and other other administrative costs (such as maintaining the website).

The Stadium is still profitable, but we know it can be so much more and draw in a whole new audience -- the vast majority of which weren't even in Second Life when the original was introduced.

So, consider joining us in entertaining Second Life -- and make some money doing so!

Aaron Levy

This letter contains forward-thinking statements and does not represent a guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied.

Business Overview

Our mission is to provide high-quality entertainment products to our clients to provide to their customers.

More than 90% of our sales are generated on Second Life Exchange (SLEX), and we will continue to maintain a higher presence there than in-game, though with the IPO we want to drastically increase that in-world presence with company-sponsored trivia events and other attention-getting contests.

Past income averaged L$50,000 to L$60,000 a month. Currently we're a little less than that because our product is reaching the end of its cycle. Last numbers I saw show we're selling about 30 a month, or L$32,000 to L$40,000. Our projections are to double our peak income and supplement it with recurring income through a subscription service that expands the products functionality many times.

Business Strategy

Our primary product is our Trivia Stadium and for the short-term we will be focusing all our energies on releasing the next-generation version of our popular and profitable product.

Business Strengths

Rezzations C.E.O., Aaron Levy, has a long history in Second Life, having joined in June of 2004. We view this as a strength because older avatars are perceived by new customers as trustworthy.

Market Overview

Our major customers are club and casino owners looking for something different to attract their clients.

We currently sell between 30-50 Trivia Stadiums and Trivia Master packages per month, with a average sale of L$1299 each. Currently, our monthly income is around 50-60,000, versus our expenses of less than L$2,000. We have room to spend on advertising to help grow the business.

We expect excellent growth with the development and release of version 2.0, as well as the introduction of several new products in our "big games" line. Version 2.0 of the Trivia games will see a substantial price increase because of the added functionality and we are anticipating our average sale to be between L$2400 and L$3000, increasing our profit margins beyond what they are now.

Use of Capital

Completion of Trivia Stadium 2.0
Development of current and future products
Hire scripter(s)
Hire 1-2 customer service reps.
Administrative costs (website)

Risk Factors

The biggest risk factor is another trivia product like ours will be released first and gain an upper hand in distribution and recognition. We feel we have already delayed enough in getting the next generation of our product on the market, which is why we are conducting this IPO.

Other risks:

Second Life fails
Value of L$ tanks


Aaron Levy, C.E.O. - Mr. Levy is a freelance computer consultant located in Kansas.

Fiona Fatale - Ms. Fatale oversees customer service and non-technical questions from clients.

ATM Overlord - Mr. Overlord oversees the company finances and handles currency transactions on behalf of the company. He is a mortgage broker in real life.

Zing Ping - Zing is a friend who volunteers his time to field customer service requests when Aaron is not able to.

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