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General Details

Company: TroubleMaker Approved (TMA)
Outstanding Shares: 1,500,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Skirnir Bradley
Chairman: Skirnir Bradley
Joint CEO: Omegasun Harford


CEO's Real Life Name: Matt Masten
CEO's Real Life Location: Ohio

Cash on Hand: L$530,000.00
Land Owned: 7,500m2
Land Value: L$15.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$642,500.00

Monthly Income: L$140,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$60,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Investors,

On behalf of my directors i am pleased to provide you with an opportunity to become a shareholder in the Second Life business, TroubleMaker Approved.

TroubleMaker Approved is a business currently operating in the world of Second Life. It specializes in interactive shoulder pets.

We have have seen a tremendous growth in our company over the last five months. We have moved from a small booth company to what we are today. Having a prominent store and 4 small booths in respectable locations.

We have grown from a company whose sales where 2000$l a month to a company who's last months sales (at the time of this letter 3/27) topped 80,0000$l. I am proud to say we have become one of the leading distributors of interactive pets in Second Life.

The opportunity you are being given is to not only help us grow even larger but to share in our success. Having Run stores for a major retail company in real life I have an understanding that 3 things truly matter in business.

1) Making you customers happy - going above and beyond in customer service and providing customers with quality goods at a reasonable price you will quickly build loyalty and your customer base will grow benefiting everyone.

2) Make your Employees happy - Happy employees better serve your customers. They also are more inclined to stay with you and do there job to the best of there ability.

3) Make your Shareholders happy - Thats you. With ever increasing profits and a solid business structure it gives a great opportunity to pay back our investors through dividends. This is a commitment we hold close. We will do everything in our power to give regular dividends. We also will willing provide spreadsheets of our monthly business spending and expenses to any shareholder who would like to see them.

I hope you are as excited about this opportunity as we are and hope that you choose to share in our success today and in the future.

Business Overview

In the near future we look to expand our shop onto a larger piece of land as well as continue to expand our product lines. We are still in the beginning stages of where TroubleMaker Approved hopes to be.

We are ever striding towards our goal of being one of the largest distributors of pets and avatar accessories in Second Life.

Business Strategy

At TroubleMaker Approved we believe in customer service. We often do sales and events to drive in traffic to great success.

We commit to producing at least 1 new product a month. We advertise heavily withen Second Life and on prominent websites such as SLExchange.

Our goal is to build a solid customer base by offering an ever expanding line of products that will fit those ahrd to find needs.

Business Strengths

We currently have in house builders scripters and graphic design artists. Through a preplanned an effective advertising campaign we are quickly growing but have not even tapped the full potential this market has. The market we chose to focus on has very few total competitors in it currently and being one of the originals provides us with a name people know as well as the ability to adjust to our customer base effectively through an established group of customers.

Market Overview


Use of Capital

-The initial price of a larger plot of land and designing the shop to suit our theme.

-Fund new product lines and projects

-Advertising campaigns surrounding new releases.

Risk Factors

Please see WSE terms and services


Omegasun Harford - Runs day to day business of the stores. He is as well the chief designer of the Clonie line. He has over 7 years retail management real world.

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