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General Details

Company: Four Deuces Poker (FDP)
Outstanding Shares: 30,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: T0xic Scissor
Director of Land Development: Chryssalyn Donnelly
Director of Marketing: Isiety Stardust
Chief Operating Officer: Tai Beale
Project Management: Angelness Lesabre
Research & Technology Advisor: Nathalia Woyseck


CEO's Real Life Name: Michael Emans
CEO's Real Life Location: Ohio, USA

Cash on Hand: L$200,000.00
Land Owned: 65,332m2
Land Value: L$14.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$1,114,648.00

Monthly Income: L$1,042,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$542,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Investors and future stock holders,

From its inception, The Four Deuces has shown significant growth and profit every single month to date. The Grand Opening took place just a mere five months ago on a 3072m2 rented lot with just t0xic scissor and a few friends. Through successful marketing and word of mouth, The Four Deuces has expanded to a top tier poker room with a professionally designed build, functional management system, 24/7 staffing, and an established and returning client base. All of this taking place in a very short amount of time. With the "poker boom" that has taken place in Second Life, The Four Deuces has a proven track record of staying in the top tier of recognized poker rooms, along with increasing profits monthly allowing the development of new systems to maintain its client base. Examples include the Ranked Tournament Series and currently the industries only player rewards system, which returns money to the players daily just for being a customer of The Four Deuces.

With the help of quality shareholders and investors, Four Deuces will continue to improve our proven business model through research and expansion. The Four Deuces is currently the only poker house to employ a full time professional sim builder, scripter, financial adviser, and marketing adviser.

With Regard,

t0xic scissor
Founder and CEO Four Deuces Poker.

Business Overview

Texas Hold'em Poker, being a game played solely by the players seated at the table, is one of the only gambling games in which the casino takes no risk in the area of covering bets. For every pot that is won by a player on the table, the casino takes a percentage, depending on the stakes of the table. Never is the casino loosing a bet, as is the case with many other table games.

Currently The Four Deuces Poker House owns and operates 5 VGA tables available for play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is the same as it has been since day one: Provide the most quality poker experience possible in SL. Four Deuces poker house was the first to create an additional Heads Up Display (Four Deuces PokerCam) to make play easier for our customers. We have continued to reinvest our profits into research and development, making us the innovation leader. Currently we hold the markets only player rewards program, and also funding the development of a new Texas Hold'em table which will overcome the limitations of the current standard.

This dedication has made us a strong leader in the Poker House market. By taking the initiative to improve the core of the experience, profits followed naturally.

Currently our business and profits have been raising at approx. 25-30% monthly, with a current average of L$500,000. We anticipate this will grow significantly with investor money.

Our total assets are comprised of the following:
-L$941,648 Group Held Land Value
-L$500,000 Custom Simulator Design
-L$130,000 5x VGA2.0 Texas Holdem Tables
-L$ 92,000 Professional web setup and Domain Name Registration.

Business Strategy

The Four Deuces Poker House intends to persue a strategy aimed at delivering sustainable growth in earnings and shareholder value. We will:

- Continue to develop the Four Deuces Poker house within our existing market

- Expand the Four Deuces customer base and brand recognition where we identify a strong potential for growth

- Continue to provide top quality customer support, expanding and training to accommodate customer service in multiple languages

- Maintaining a robust and scalable gaming platform

- Acquire complementary games and businesses when appropriate opportunities arise

- We will employ a dividend policy that will be discussed with the board and paid monthly.

Business Strengths

- A high margin business model with strong cash generation, providing significant financial resources to build brand awareness, acquire and retain customers.

- Significant brand recognition with the potential through new capitol to expand

- Market leading player liquidity, allowing The Four Deuces Poker House to offer a large number of tables with varying stake levels and frequent tournaments with large prizes to its customers

- Proven customer acquisition and retention programs

- Responsive, round the clock customer service

- Trained and Knowledgeable Staff

Market Overview

The online Internet gaming market has experienced exponential growth in the past few years, due in part the continued success of the Internet as a platform to connect users from around the world. We expect the gaming market within Second Life to see the same increase as it grows. In 2004 the online gaming market was estimated to represent just over three percent of the online gaming market, and, by 2009 is expected to represent approximately eight percent of the global market. (source: Christiansen Capital Advisers, LLC)

We believe poker house operation to be one of the absolutely strongest, scalable business platforms within Second Life for the following reasons:

- A proven track record of income generation, and new client retention, by all in the industry.

- A continued rise in new Second Life accounts guarantees our client base will increase.

- Second Life continues to be a safe venue for online poker compared to other more risky Internet ventures.

Use of Capital

The Four Deuces Poker House intends to use investor capitol in the following ways:

- Research and Development to improve the experience of Texas Hold'em within Second Life.

- Physical expansion of our current facilities by the initial purchase of two class 5 simulators and three months advance tier on each.

- Purchase of complementary businesses and equipment.

- Continued Development of Texas Hold'em Tables .

Risk Factors

Service Interruption - There is possible downtime inherent to LInden Labs and Second Life as a whole.

Regulatory Changes - Certain regulatory changes, may in the future, affect the ability of Four Deuces to provide certain gaming services. We are the only poker house to have met with, and maintain, legal representation in the case of this type of event. Attorney Walter Wagoner, a recognized Yale graduate, continues to be available to us for consultation on these matter if they arise. Currently, as the TOS deems Linden Dollars to "have no value", Attorney Wagoner assures us that neither our company, our its clients, are at any risk at this time.

Account Suspension - The Four Deuces Poker house, since it's inception has realized the very serious repercussions that would arise from account suspension or closure. From Day 1, The Four Deuces Poker house has maintained all of its business transactions through a separate, non-played account. This greatly reduces the risk of account suspension .

World Stock Exchange Instability - Although this appear a relatively small risk, we would like to ensure our investors that a system will be maintained to facilitate the open investment in The Four Deuces Poker House. In the unfortunate event of any problems with the WSE, The Four Deuces will provide an online forum for our investors.


Tai Beale - General Manager
Chad Wilcke - Assistant Manager
Damien Falta - Rental Manager
Hazel Holgado - Talent Coordinator
Ray Klamath - Assistant Manager
Dirk Hynes - Assistant Manager

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