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General Details

Company: Alluris Estates (ALL)
Outstanding Shares: 813,600
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Ox64 Sachs
Director: Ariesrose Fluffball
Director: Nissa Sullivan


CEO's Real Life Name: Not Specified
CEO's Real Life Location: TN

Cash on Hand: L$1.00
Land Owned: 131,072m2
Land Value: L$6.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$786,433.00

Monthly Income: L$75,940.00
Monthly Expenses: L$56,883.00

Chairman's Letter

To all potential shareholders:

Due to the demand of land rental in SecondLife, we are looking to expand our business and accomodate more customers at an accelerated pace. Due to the increased costs in island setup and land maintenance fees it is apparent that doing this alone is a challenging task. I, the chairman of this company, am asking for your support in our mission to provide low cost-effective land rental solutions to the residents of SecondLife by becoming a stockholder with our company. Your contribution means a lot and our goal is to effectively compensate for this by always paying a portion of the profits out in dividends to our shareholders. Once Alluris becomes subscribed to the WSE, dividend payouts will begin immediately.

Business Overview

Alluris Estate is a company founded in November 2006 with the purpose of providing rental property at reasonable prices lower than most other land rental services in SecondLife. Our goal is not focused on making a quick dollar, but rather providing quality land rental service to residents of SecondLife. We currently have one island classified as residential that stays fully rented out at this time. We feel because of this we are achieving our goals for top customer service and competitive pricing.

Business Strategy

Our current strategy is to focus on the purchase of a second island for the company to provide more rental lots to customers. The island will be a no-covenant island to accomodate businesses and other commercial activity. Due to the demand for this type land, we feel this land will go fast at the low rental prices we offer.

Business Strengths

Our primary strength is the competitive pricing we offer our customers as well as friendly service. Our rental pricing is lower than many of our competitors. We try to work with our customers and provide reasonable solutions to problems incurred.

Market Overview

Not Specified

Use of Capital

Capital raised through the IPO will be used for the setup price for a second island for Alluris Estates.

Risk Factors

We have a stable future as the demand for private islands remains high in comparison to mainland. Our biggest risk we face is the possibility of SecondLife open-sourcing the software that runs the private islands. If this were to happen, it may be possible that SecondLife would offer people the opportunity to host their own sims, thus cutting the cost operation expenses and maintenance fees and therefore passing the savings to the customer by offering lower rental pricing.


Ox64 Sachs - CEO/Chairman
AriesRose Fluffball - Director/Agent
Nissa Sullivan - Director

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