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General Details

Company: Kush Islands (HOT)
Outstanding Shares: 2,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Rockwell Ginsberg
Managing Director: Shera Gray
Executive Vice President: Dexter Tones


CEO's Real Life Name: A. Steele
CEO's Real Life Location: MA, USA

Cash on Hand: L$300,000.00
Land Owned: 196,608m2
Land Value: L$7.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$1,676,256.00

Monthly Income: L$384,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$243,375.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Prospective Shareholder,

Thank you for your interest in our IPO. We invite you to learn more about Kush Islands and about the value of being a Kush Islands shareholder.

Kush Islands' principal asset is the Kush estate. Kush is a collection of private island sims that offer attractive landowning options for Second Life residents. Each island generates a steady revenue stream and healthy profit margin.

We believe that making a public offering on the WSE will allow us to raise capital for further expansion. In return, we intend to create real value for shareholders. Part of our profit will be reinvested in expanding and developping our core business, and part of our profit will be given to shareholders in the form of regular dividend payments and share buybacks.

We welcome your questions. And we invite you to visit any of the Kush Islands to see our business firsthand and meet our satisfied customers. Thank you for your interest in Kush Islands!

Rockwell Ginsberg
CEO, Kush Islands

Business Overview

Kush Islands' core business involves owning and managing the Kush estate. The Kush estate is a collection of islands (Kush, Kush II, Kush III) that offer attractive landowning options for Second Life residents.

Business Strategy

Kush offers Second Life residents a superior land owning experience. White sand beaches, coral reef, and waterfront can be found on every lot in Kush. The land is sold to residents upfront (they can later resell it themselves) and tier is collected monthly. This is the core business model. It yields a steady revenue stream for the company, and offers significant value for residents of our sims. Excellent customer service is an essential part of our strategy. We continue to focus on our core competencies while surveying the Second Life landscape for new opportunities.

Business Strengths

Kush Islands' strengths include a proven and reliable business model, a commitment to superior customer service, and a quality product. This combination of factors has given Kush significant brand equity in the estate land market.

Market Overview

We operate in the estate land market. There are many competitors in this market, all with slightly different offerings. We are confident that we have found a successful business model that offers both an attractive profit margin for the company and signficant value for the customer. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, our fair pricing, and our brand equity put us one step above the competition.

Use of Capital

Kush Islands will use the capital raised in the IPO to fund an expansion of our business. This will initially consist of adding new sims to the estate. We feel it is important to strengthen our core business (estate sales and management) while also looking for new opportunities. We eventually intend to diversify Kush Islands by tapping new revenue streams and business models.

Risk Factors

We believe the estate market is attractive in its risk/return profile compared with mainland trading. Mainland prices are too volatile to produce a reliable revenue stream. Estate sales and management yield a much more predictable cash flow.


Rockwell Ginsberg
Background: Finance

Shera Gray
Managing Director
Background: PR

Dexter Tones
Executive Vice President
Background: IT

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