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General Details

Company: Etopia Island Company (ETC)
Outstanding Shares: 2,000,000
Company Website: N/A

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Williamthewise Goodman
CFO: Iventures Volitant
V.P. Marketing: Neshama Arkin


CEO's Real Life Name: Zev Paiss
CEO's Real Life Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA

Cash on Hand: L$800,000.00
Land Owned: 65,536m2
Land Value: L$20.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$2,110,720.00

Monthly Income: L$840,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$133,650.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,

On behalf of my fellow Directors, I am pleased to provide you with an opportunity to become a Shareholder in the Second Life company of Etopia Island.

Etopia Island is located in Second Life, a virtual world owned and operated by Linden Labs. The Company is currently owned by myself, WilliamTheWise Goodman and I have developed and currently manage all aspects of Etopia Island.

I first learned about Second Life in May 2006 and spent the following 9 months exploring the many varied landscapes and business models located in world.

During that time I have watched the Second Life community grow from approximately 7,000 concurrent members spending over $250,000 USD per day to its current size of over 30,000 concurrent members consistently spending over 1.25 million USD per day.

The Company has extensive real life business experience in many of the areas of sustainable development. This is supported at the Board level by additional real life skills in marketing, public relations financial planning and management provided by non-executive Directors.

The virtual world of Second Life is not regulated other than members adhering to the Terms of Service by Linden Lab. All persons related to Etopia Island will adhere to the Terms and Service and live by the company virtues to ensure a high standard of corporate governance and ethics.

We have issued this prospectus to raise funds to help pay for the construction of Etopia Island and to help attract a number of real life business who provide goods and services in the areas of sustainable development, healthy living or renewable energy.

By offering 1,400,000 million IPO shares at a price of L$1 per share we expect to raised sufficient funds for construction, marketing expenses, corporate overheads and working capital. A WSE listing will also further enhance the market profile of Etopia Island and provide it with additional access to capital to pursue future growth opportunities. Following the completion of the Offer, the Company’s market capitalization at the Offer Price of L$1.00 will be L$1.4 million.

On behalf of the Directors, it is my pleasure to invite you to become a shareholder in the Second Life company of Etopia Island and participate in its future growth and prosperity.

Kind Regards,

WilliamThewise Goodman,
Chairman and CEO

Business Overview

Etopia Island Company is the Developer and Owner of Etopia Island whose purpose is to provide opportunities within Second Life for Real Life individuals, organizations and businesses to showcase goods and services, which promote sustainable development.

Business Strategy

In my online travels it became obvious that two main business models were being used in Second Life. The totally unregulated patchwork of small and mid-sized shops and the mono-culture, one-business sim being developed by a number of large companies such as Cisco, Sun, American Apparel, Nissan, and others.

Our strategy is to offer a diverse tapestry of uses including residential and commercial rentals, in world vendors offering high-quality digital creations, musical and educational classes and a totally unique variety of “rides”. We are also in the process of attracting a select number of real life businesses who are already establish market players in the fields of sustainable transportation, healthy living, renewable energy and green building, who would use Second Life as an additional marketing opportunity for their real life goods and services.

Business Strengths

As the first and only island with a sustainable development theme, Etopia Island is positioned to capture the majority of business in these areas.

The multiple aspects of Etopia Island include a diversity of income streams included a set of three totally unique alternative transportation “rides”; a light rail train, an aerial tram and a whitewater kayak ride none of which currently exist in Second Life.

Because the Key personal hold extensive real world experience, in the areas that they overview, we feel confident that this concept will become very popular. The CEO who oversees all land development is an Environmental Planner and Sustainable Community consultant in Real Life. Our CFO is a financial analyst for a top tier Investment Bank and started his own venture capital and financial consulting services firm in Second Life. Our VP of Marketing has been a New York City Director of Marketing for a large Public Relations firm and has been working in the marketing and public relations for sustainable developments since 1996.

Market Overview

The lack of environmental presence within Second Life makes the opportunity on Etopia Island extremely timely. With the extent of interest generated just during the building phases I am confident that not only will Etopia Island be successful, but additional islands will be possible.

Use of Capital

Our primary usage of the funds raised in this offering will be to pay for the professionally designed Island site plan, to purchase the private Island from LL, pay for the sophisticated scripting necessary for the variety of rides and to pay for additional advertising, to increase awareness of Etopia Island, which in turn will increase sales, and the overall value of the company.

Risk Factors

As with all investments in Second Life Companies the major risk involved is the stability of the Second Life system itself. If at anytime the Second Life Grid would fail, Etopia Island and all other Second Life businesses would fail with it.


CEO: WilliamTheWise Goodman
CFO: iVentures Volitant
V.P. Marketing: Neshama Arkin

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