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General Details

Company: Virtual Games LLC (VGI)
Outstanding Shares: 3,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Games Prototype
CEO: Games Prototype
VP: Jon Desmoulins
CFO: Jason Foo
Human Resources Director: Clear Surface


CEO's Real Life Name: Jason Boucher
CEO's Real Life Location: Connecticut, USA

Cash on Hand: L$1,335,000.00
Land Owned: 35,536m2
Land Value: L$19.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$2,010,184.00

Monthly Income: L$800,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$154,261.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear prospective shareholders,

for over 2 years, VGI has provided casino owners and players with the highest quality casino games in Second Life.
what started out as a one man operation on a 512Sqm plot of land, has grown to become a Real Life company with a full staff dedicated to the operations of VGI, and the support of our customers.
Over the last year, we have gained a total of an 800% growth. We expect to grow even larger over the next year with the release of our newest casino system.
I now invite all of you to become a part of VGI as we offer our stocks for the first time in our history with Second Life. Our hope is that VGI will have the chance to give back to you what you have given to help VGI become the world leader in SL Casino equipment and gaming over these past few years.
We thank you for all of your support.


virtual Games LLC.
Games Prototype

Business Overview

Virtual Games LLC. is a casino gaming developer. We design and program the highest quality casino gaming equipment for distribution and sales to Second Life casino owners.
Our mission is to provide our customers, and our customers customers with the greatest gaming experience, and peace of mind with the promise of a stable gaming company that will always be there to back every item we sell, and ever product we release. Players of the games will always receive higher and more consistent payouts from the games, and the casino owners are protected from the dangers of a rogue game being hacked, or their account balance being wiped clean.
Our customers can rest assured that when they buy VGI, they buy peace of mind for life.

Business Strategy

As we always strive to develop the perfect strategy, VGI has grown by leaps and bounds by giving our customers everything they ask for.
Our strategy is to constantly and consistently develop new and improved games and systems to stay as far ahead of our competition as possible. From the start, VGI strives to develop systems that are very difficult if not impossible to copy. Although few have tried, many have failed to reproduce the award winning systems that VGI has brought into the Second Life gaming community. We will continue to dominate the market by releasing a brand new system in 2007 that will be nearly impossible to copy, and will offer our customers more power than they ever thought possible.
We will continue to provide this type of service and strategy throughout the life of VGI.

Business Strengths

Our business strength is in our talent. VGI maintains a staff of very talented individuals, and marketing experts. We have perfected the ability to not only create the highest quality games and equipment, but to market such products with precision and speed combined with an untouched business strategy that no other Second Life casino gaming company has matched yet.
We will always strive to maintain and perfect our strengths until there are no weaknesses.

Market Overview

Our major customers are all of the Second Life residents. Casino owners, Mall and Club owners, the average person who wants to just have the games.
One of our major incomes are generated fem our commission based machines. to date, VGI has sold over 1,200 free commission based packages to all types of residents, and maintain an average sale of 15 - 25 free packages every day. VGI generates on average over L$250,000 each month in commission alone.
Our equipment sales generate over L$500,000 each month, and our Casino Annex subscriptions generate over USD$250 each month
Our numbers are constantly growing and we see an average growth rate of 25% - 45% each month.
Our competitors are any developer that tries to release casino equipment that mimics the VGI system. To date there are only 5 competitors, but non that match the quality and popularity of the VGI system.

Use of Capital

The funds that VGI raises by selling stock will fund the development costs of our newest gaming system. This new system will bring VGI and casino gaming in Second Life to an entirely new level as we offer a system that no one has ever even dreamed of. With this new system, there will be no point in any other developer trying to push their own system.
Continued sales of stock will be used to continue building the new system as we will continue to make it bigger, better, stronger, and more accessible to everyone.

Risk Factors

As with investing money into any company, you will always have the risk of the company losing money or going under. Since VGI has started and grown from nothing, and was built on its own merit without any backing or startup costs, the risk for VGI going under is very slim. As always though, you must understand that it is always a possibility that the Gambling market will fall. As long as there are gamblers, there will be VGI.


Here is a listing of our board members, and their roles in VGI:

Games Prototype:
Job Title: CEO
Job Description:
Oversee all operations of Virtual Games LLC. both in Second Life, and in the Real world. Develop new systems and program games in LSL. Manage a strong and dependable team of directors to grow the company beyond all expectancies.

Jon Desmoulins:
Job Title: Vice President
Job Description:
Manage all critical operations of the VGI system to include market targeting, advertisement, customer service, web site operations and development, and partner relations.

Jason Foo
Job Title: Chief Financial Officer
Job Description:
Manages all VGI accounts, expenditures, and cash flow, as well as budgeting and allocating monies to complete project developments.

Clear Surface
Job Title: Director of Human Resources
Job Description:
Hire a perfect combination of talent and professionalism for the VGI team. Pays wages and compensations to all employees of VGI

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