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General Details

Company: Cooperative Investment Group (CIG)
Outstanding Shares: 678,686
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Xandermaria Nikolaidis
Technical Director: Topolino Coage
Director Pleasure Dptm: Violet Collas


CEO's Real Life Name: Not Specified
CEO's Real Life Location: United Kindom

Cash on Hand: L$1.00
Land Owned: 20,640m2
Land Value: L$19.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$392,161.00

Monthly Income: L$606,372.00
Monthly Expenses: L$54,257.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear potencial shareholder,
thank you for takeing the time to reseach our prospectus.As you will see, we do not offer you anything, we do not promisse anything, we just belive in ourself and our business idea.Since starting my Second Life in february this year I spend a huge amount of my spare time(I only work on 3 RL days)researching and analiysing SL. In pure coincidence I meet some "old" and very experienced avatars on my first day in secound life, a friend- and business partnership developed who made me become quite sucessful in a very short period of time, so here we are now. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me interduce you to Cooperative Investment Group, the investment group with one of the biggest potentials in second life.

as you can see out of the cash on hand section, the CEO of CIG has payed out all income made in previous deals so Cooperative Investment will start accounting when listed, XanderMaria Nikolaidis will from that moment on transfer all businesses into the group and run it as a hole organisation from there on. We purchased a new network vendor system and are currently in prosess of setting it up. Monthly income and expensives are calculated on the april data before the publishing of the IPO and include only Xandermaria Nikolaidis part of the former existing group, the new CIG will from the date of the publishing of the IPO include all income and expensives of the intire group to make sure dividenes will be paid out based on the total profit of Cooperative Investment Group

Business Overview

Cooperative Investment Group(CIG) is, as the name says an Investment Group, our Business fields are SL products (Skripted or not), Consulting of Investors, retail of SL products on various sales platforms, we rent shops all over the grid to offer products(own products and 3rd party) in vendors on commisions basis.In occations we also buy and sell land.We are always keen to open new markets and interduce new products under different brand names.

Business Strategy

Cooperative Investment Group (CIG) invests in various fields to keep the risc low, our intentions is to keep and hold partnerships with the main companies in SL, we consult many top builder, scripter and manager which brings us into a positon where new products and inovations get often during there development phase to our knowlegement.This leads us to be able to filter comeing "hits" and start or establish partnerships in early stages of of a new products life.

Business Strengths

as Cooperative Investment Group works, consults and advises developer during the process of bringing new products(scripted or not) into existing or new markets we are able to build and maintain business partnerships from an very early stage of a new products "life", this enables us to participate from the first moment on.

Market Overview

LindenLab prepairs itself to be able to take on 1 Mio new user per month, that would lead us to +13Mio SL user per january 2008, potential CIG customer.
As we invest in such huge range of sectors. retail from the 1L$ product to high end products we belive the income and influence of CIG will grow astronomical in a years time. We dont fear competitors as we belive that the market decides who will survive, the split of risc on so many different sectors will help us to become one of SL`s biggest and strongest Investment groups.Cooperative Investment Group member agree to reinvest profits to support the growth of the group, therefore CIG will only pay dividendes twice a year, starting 6 month after the lounch on the stock exchange.

Use of Capital

The reason Cooperativ Investment Group want to be traded on a Stock Exchange is, of course, to raise our financial strait. The amount raised through the IPO will be used to buy and garantie for the first 3 month tier fee of 4 new sims to establish a consultation center, a development area to provide a secure and quite enviroment for the development and testing of new products, fun facilites for member of the CIG and there business partner(we plan a club building with various facilities and a watersport area).The main part of the money raised will be used to invest in our usual business fields and to support new builder and scripting talents via awards and stependien.

Risk Factors

Our main risc is the stability of the grid, we invest and reinvest into new markets so the sussess is never "garanted" but as we split the riscs our experience is that our sucessful businesses compensate any eventual loss many times.


C.E.O XanderMaria Nikolaidis,(J.Joop in RL) has been a consultant in RL for many years, she worked as an agent between RL developer and Multinational Industrie Companies and acts in SL with only this avartar

Tecnical Director Topolino Coage is an ALT of one of SL`s best informed technicians and helps XanderMaria with technical issues

Director of Pleasure Violet Collas is also an ALT, she belongs to one of the finanzial geniusses of SL and has many experience. She helps out when ever and with whatever she can

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