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General Details

Company: Scripting By Joseph Cult (SBJ)
Outstanding Shares: 30,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Joseph Cult
Head of Advertising: Lezly Cult
Accountant: 1500 Dodge
Executive Assistant: Chrisdeleon Alcott


CEO's Real Life Name: Christopher De Leon
CEO's Real Life Location: Texas, United States

Cash on Hand: L$8,000.00
Land Owned: 512m2
Land Value: L$0.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$8,000.00

Monthly Income: L$6,500.00
Monthly Expenses: L$5,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Hello, potential stock buyers. This is a great company to invest in. As you read below you will find that there is little risk and possibly high pay out. The more you help us the better we can help you. We will share 40% of our profits with our share holders.

Business Overview

Our goal is to expand on what we already have. Advertise better in more locations and pay for higher ranking classifieds ads. We are going to hire more scripters, and will be able to keep them busy since we will have better advertising. Because of the scripters would be working what I would consider full-time as opposed to contract work. For this reason we would be able to pay them a little less and save more. After we create a good foundation as a scripting company I would like us to move towards banking. Allowing people to invest their money into our company at a low risk and pay low yield interest. Around our ATMs we could sell a little bit of advertising space so that it makes money without drawing from the leasure of the office space.

Business Strategy

We often hold meetings to discuss our plans for advertising. As you may know the cost for good advertising can add up quite quicky. So we have to balance our marketing and our employee cost.

Business Strengths

Our business isnt about just getting the job information and getting it done we are about making sure that our work is perfectly suited for our customer. We talk to them in quite detail about the project. Making sure we know just what they want and making sure they are comfortable with our knowledge of the field. In addition to that our scripters keep up to date with all the different aspects to scripting and uses for lsl (the scripting language used in Second Life) so that we are always able to accomplish the job.

Market Overview

The majority of our customers are small businesses that are trying to either fine tune the scripts they already have or to make tools for around thier shops. Individuals often come to us looking to purchase a script for thier personal use. Despite the ever growing demand for scripts and scripting there are not as many rapid growing comapanies to supply the virtual world with its needed scripts.

Use of Capital

At first about 60% of the income will go to advertising. After ads have been paid for several months in advance the money will be redirected to hiring new scripters.

Risk Factors

In a business like this there are of course rick factors. It is more likely that we will continue to be a profitable company and will make you money.


If you need to talk to any one please contact me first. I will talk with my directors and have them get back to you as soon as possible.
You can find me in Second Life under the name: Joseph Cult

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