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General Details

Company: Sarah Nerd Estates and Mainland Holdings (SNE)
Outstanding Shares: 36,246,735
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Sarah Nerd
Cheif Executive Advisor: Bella Wilberg
Executive Advisor: Octavia Pow
Executive Advisor: Hunter Faulkner
Oracle: Redux Dengaku


CEO's Real Life Name: Sarah S.
CEO's Real Life Location: Ohio

Cash on Hand: L$1,500,000.00
Land Owned: 393,216m2
Land Value: L$11.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$5,825,376.00

Monthly Income: L$750,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$375,000.00

Chairman's Letter

First off I would like to say Thank You for reading this and even considering investing in Sarah Nerd Estates and mainland holdings, giving us the chance to quickly grow to the level we were already slowly working twords. It is already well established and trusted name and has proven staying power in a field where people start and quit on a daily basis. We think this because our stategy has always been to be as fair as possible in our pricing and to provide the best possible customer service in real estate. We believe ethics are as important as profit margins, and we have alot of repeat business for this reason. We intend to continue to expand and diversify this company. We will show my sharholders how gratefull I am with regular dividends and or growth to increase stock value, and we will buy back shares as the company expands, and do our best to keep stock value high. Thank You again for taking the time to look SNE over and considering investing with us! Please contact Sarah Nerd or Bella Wilberg in world if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or just to say Hi!

Business Overview

We buy and sell mainland on a daily basis, as well as offer the finest quality estate rentals, and mainland rentals. We participate in full sim mainland auctions. We have a small shop, we run Sarah Nerds Freebie Paradise soley for the good of the community. We buy out product lines, inventorys, ect. The main focus is land holdings.

Business Strategy

To continue to grow by the month and expand as much as possible, diversify into other markets while still providing the best customer service possible. We follow the land market, both mainland and rental land very closly. I feel we know it well, and have always proven to profit by months end no matter what happens within the sl land market. Profit varies from month to month, can be as low as $500usd, or as high as 5000usd, But since the start of our land dealings we have never had to bring in out of pocket money to cover an expense, business or personal, and always have some form of profit or growth. SL is always changing, we do our best, never give up and I think we have proven our abilty to adapt and grow with whatever happens.

Business Strengths

Sarah Nerd is a well established and well know name in second life. We are known for providing the best costumer service and have excellent ethics. The number of faithful customers grows daily. We are always expanding and growing, and have proven ourselves successful. I am literally on SL everyday with very very few exceptions. We watch the land market closely and know it well. We are experienced and know what land will sell and what will not. SL and SL land is a huge portion of our lives. We love SL and its people and we think that shows in our companies success and loyalty. We also give back to the community with Sarah Nerd's Freebie paradise and all 16-96 meter plots bought are given to the arbor foundation (they save small plots until they can be rejoined to larger usable land so that they will not become spam advertising lots) to help keep SL mainland a better place for all residents.

Market Overview

In the last year we have seen SL grow from a few hundred thousand people to 5 million residents. Many people begin looking for land almost as soon as they come into SL. Now that First Land has been abolished, they're turning to estates and rentals to provide them with a place to live that doesn't cost them a fortune. We see all of these people as potential customers. There are hundreds of residents who already call our parcels "home" and more and more people are coming to live with us every day.
A lot of new land owners have sprung up in order to try to meet the virtual flood of new residents. Sarah Nerd is a widely recognized name with a strong reputation for ethics and customer service. As the user base of SL grows, so will our number of residents, and as more and more of the newcomers find out that our place is one of the best places to live, more and more of them will come to us.

Use of Capital

The only limitation to our business is how much capital we are able to have invested in land at any time. Providing us with captial to expand will allow us to scale up our profits exponentially. In the land business, more land equals more profit. Our main focus is going to be in expanding estate rental sims, but in order to diversify and ensure stability, we're going to be expanding our mainland holdings, as well as getting actively involved in auctions.
Furthermore, we plan on upgrading our advertising campaign and operating systems as well to make sure everyone knows we're here. Finally, as we grow, we're going to be bringing additional people onto our team to ensure that we are able to maintain the highest level of customer service, which both encourages existing residents to stay, as well as coaxing new residents over from their existing parcels elsewhere.

Risk Factors

In our last year of operation we've managed to thrive where many others have failed. There have been price changes, TOS changes, and a number of other unexpected bumps in the road, and yet we've continued finding ways to adapt and remaining profitable. A company is more than just numbers on paper; the fastest ship isn't always the one with the biggest sails, it's often the one with the best crew. We have shown time and again that we possess the ability to adapt to nearly anything. When you invest with SNE, you have the comfort of proven staying power, phenomenal marketing ability, and exponential growth.


I (Sarah Nerd) am very hands on, I have a large part in handling every aspect of my business holdings. Bella Wilberg is 2nd in charge and has amazing skills in taking care of our customers making sure there needs are met and they are satisfied with our service. She advises and helps manage every aspect of Sarah Nerd Estates and Mainland Holdings. Hunter Faulkner provides financial advice and funding when needed, as well as any random needs that may come up. Octavia fills in where needed and has a large part in managing the roleplay area.

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