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General Details

Company: Karlfeldt & Delgado Mutual (KDM)
Outstanding Shares: 10,024,001
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Kdmutual Planer
Co-Mutual Manager: Legolas Delgado
Co-Mutual Manager: Xanther Karlfeldt
Land Director: Lindsay Druart


CEO's Real Life Name: n/a
CEO's Real Life Location: n/a

Cash on Hand: L$252,902.00
Land Owned: 18,408m2
Land Value: L$10.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$436,982.00

Monthly Income: L$497,021.00
Monthly Expenses: L$32,981.00

Chairman's Letter

Karldfeldt & Delgado Mutual uses its capital raised from the IPO to invest in strong reliable sources of income, so that the money earned can be returned to investors. By investing in K&D; Mutual you are adding to the pool of L$ that will be used to fund large projects in second life. The current projects in place are a plan to have 54 sims up and running at around 80% capacity in 1 year’s time. Between now and then K&D; Mutual will also be seeking out other opportunities for growth and will give monthly updates on projected income for the next year. With most mutual funds, returns are based on a full year projections. K&D; will give their investors the same chance to see what their return will be worth come full year.

The 54 sims will give K&D; Mutual a very strong basis for operation. This basis will give us the ability to safely invest in other companies, and aspects of secondlife. Our main goal is to help stimulate economic growth in secondlife. Investing in K&D; Mutual, means you are investing in the future of Second Life.

Business Overview

K&D; Mutual's current plans to create a foundation for the company are to have 54 sims within 12 months. These 54 sims will create over L$1,000,000 per month. The 54 sims will give K&D; Mutual the stability to openly invest in even larger scale projects. As well as continue to grow the collection of sims we retain.

Within these coming months K&D; Mutual will also be seeking out investment opportunities with good potential. The area in which this covers is broad and includes but is not limited to the takeover of small companies, funding banks through long term large deposits, developing and scripting business/market research tools, privately funding company expansions with excellent promise of return, and funding the development of new content within second life such as novelty business and products.

The Fund Managers of K&D; Mutual have also developed a $ to L$ currency exchange division of the company. Where we find sellers of legitimate lindens (IE: Not from Stolen Credit Cards) for lower than market price. We will buy the L$ in large sums to create a surplus for the company.

Buying and holding shares on the world stock exchange with good long term value is another aspect of business that K&D; Mutual is involved. The first month of woes is over. The good companies on the World Stock Exchange and the bad ones are starting to be weeded out. This is a great time to invest in these companies and hold on to the ones with the best P/E ratio when compared to transparency and actual performance

Our overall mission statement is to help second life’s economy grow, by funding the business within it.

Xanther Corporation owns 25% of K&D; Mutual, Xanther Corporation is a land and sim development company that generates and estimated L$500,000 per month. CEO and Chairman of Xanther Corporation, Xanther Karlfeldt, is a Co-Fund Manager of K&D; Mutual and helps develop investing strategies for the funds. The company assest are equal to L$768,368.

Delgado Promotion Corporation owns 25% of K&D; Mutual, DPC is an advertising and promotions agency that specializes in promoting of companies on the World Stock Exchange. The DPC also has an AdBoad system that when in full production will generate an estimated 29,800. CEO and Chairman of DPC, Legolas Delgado, is a Co-Fund Manager of K&D; Mutual and with the help of Xanther Karlfeldt develops investing strategies for the funds. He also manages the website, accounting and personal relations of the fund. The company assest are equal to L$212,763.

Neither of these men are taking payrole from the Mutual Fund as the will be recieving divedens with the rest of the investors.

Business Strategy

Current objectives include buying, and selling out sims.

Our plan is to buy 1 sim the first month, 3 the next month and 5 every month after that. This gives us a total of 54 sims in 12 months. 10% of all land sales go to Lindsay Druart, and 15% of all profited tier goes to her also. This is done because she is managing the sims.

K&D; Mutual and its managers will devote their time to finding, and investing the funds entrusted to it into adequate investments. These include talks with business owners and potential business owners. As well as other companies traded on the World Stock Exchange.

10% of profit for each month is retained for future growth. The rest of all L$ is returned to shareholders in the forum of dividends.

Business Strengths

One advantage that K&D; Mutual has is the access to three diffrent companies, two of which are traded on the WSE. L&L;, Xan Corp, and Delgado Promotion Corporation. This gives us the ability to develop, build, and sell the sims fast and effectively.

The main compartive advantage that K&D; Mutual gives its investors is the access to high end investments they may not have been able to have access to. The fact that K&D; Mutual creates a pool of investor L$ gives it the ability, as well as responability of investing in high yeild investment sectors. We then turn this profit generated back to the shareholders, increasing their overall networth.

Market Overview

Marjor customers: Anyone buying land, as well as bussines that need funding for private companies.
Major competitors: Anyone selling land, and large capital investors.

Estimated Growth: 287.7% in the year

Use of Capital

L$524,915 of the IPO will be spent within the first few days to buy the first sim. By the third month we will be spending over 2,500,000 a month buying new sims, and this is where the bulk of the IPO money will go.

To achieve or mission statement we will use the L$ raised from IPO to invest in longer term deposits with banks. The large sums of L$ that K&D; Mutual can provide gives us the ability to get a better than market price interest rate on our lindens. This means that we will make more in the long run than the average account holder. We will allocate 2,000,000 for this division of our company.

2,000,000 will be devoted for investing into under valued companies on the WSE that have a good track record and pay good dividends monthly.

2,000,000 will be used for long term banking (30 Days or more). We believe that we can

1,500,000 of the funds will be used towards the developments of private companies in second life. Here is where we expect to make the most money in the long run because we will own portions of companies and be paid dividends based on the success of these companies.

Any money not currently being used will be entrusted to a bank with daily or weekly % return. We do this so that the money is always increasing in value. We will be sure to talk to the owners of the bank before depositing. So we can arrange a large withdraw contract.

Risk Factors

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Co-Mutual Manager: Xanther Karlfeldt - Designs the sims, as well as finds new profitable methods for income.

Co-Mutual Manager: Legolas Delgado - Does the finances, also finds new profitable methods for income

Land Director: Lindsay Druart - Through her company L&L; she maintains and sells the sims.

Programming Director: Rin Redgrave - Rindustries will be the main provider of programs and applications that K&D; Mutual develops. (Business Oriented)

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