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General Details

Company: SL Investors Fund (SLI)
Outstanding Shares: 208,525
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Albenza Watkin
Co-Founder/Chairman: Hiro Zanetti
Chief Operations Officer:: Hel Christensen
Chief Financial Officer/Financial Advisor: Illsyck Hienrichs
Fund Manager: Albenza Watkin


CEO's Real Life Name: Ulrik Bro
CEO's Real Life Location: Sonderborg, Denmark

Cash on Hand: L$200,000.00
Land Owned: 0m2
Land Value: L$0.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$200,000.00

Monthly Income: L$30,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$1,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear shareholders,

The qualified team managing SL Investors Fund is proud to offer what we believe will be one of the most successful funds on the world stock exchange. Our team behind this fund has been actively following the stock exchange since its beginning and has generated significant earnings from the investments. Now, we are ready to take it to the next level with additional capital and innovative business ideas. We invite you to join this determined team in the quest to expand the SL stock market and our business simultaneously.

The key to success in the industry we strive to compete in is diversification. We simply know that investing the capital raised only into the current stock market in WSE is not the answer to success. What we offer here is not only an investment fund but a business with diversified assets backed up by innovation and unexploited needs. Our first line of work will be investing into our website “” with solid plans to develop the site into a financial hub where SL investors and alike can discuss money.

With these plans, we assertively encourage you to jump on board with SL Investor Fund, whether short or long term. Regardless of your option, we assure you, your money invested will not disappoint you.

Albenza Watkin/Hiro Zanetti
CEO/Chairman: SL Investor Fund

Business Overview

Our business plan for the near future will be to invest the money from the IPO and build up a strong portfolio. Initially, we will patiently wait for a window of opportunity to get a grip on some of the more reliable, longer term, low risk stocks. As we develop our portfolio, we plan on taking additional risk by investing in short-term, high reward stocks for high margin earnings to ensure we do not miss out on any opportunities.

Furthermore, we will invest a portion of the funds into our website “”, with a professional web developer already prepared to initiate the project. The site aims to become a website for all the financial information any investor would ever need in SL. In fact, we plan to construct this website as the financial hub for shareholders with various tools including but not limited to: expert’s ratings on SL stocks, analytical graphs, forums, articles, financial news, and much more. As we develop its foundation and site traffic, we plan to generate additional revenue from advertisement and potentially premium membership fees, providing access to additional powerful features. A team of financial advisors will be arranged to provide financial advices to the investors in SL along with stock ratings, etc.

We plan on reinvesting a portion of the profit back into our portfolio while concentrating on giving back to the investors in a form of dividend as much as possible. Lastly, we also have a few other long term strategies, which will be disclosed later through announcements. Regardless of the approach we take, we assure you that we plan to make this fund as flexible as possible to adapt to the ever changing market and the environment.

Business Strategy

As discussed above, we plan on generating profit for the shareholders with the following strategies:
1) Investment of capital into our current portfolio.
2) Development of innovative site “” seeking to bridge the gap between the Second Life investors and their needs.
3) Additional investment into other assets and services, to be disclosed after our IPO offerings, as we develop the trust of our investors.

Our theme of strategy will be diversification, innovation, and market exploitation. We will continue to use our innovation and research to identify the needs of the current market, tackling the gap rapidly and constructively.

To prevent all of us from valuable time expenditures being stuck in the IPO phase, we will start out by offering 1,500,000 shares, as we get settled in and our NAV steadily improve we will be doing secondary offerings slightly above our NAV.

Business Strengths

1) Real life experience in the stock market backed up by fresh ideas, customer focused minds, vast network, and a large diversification of assets to minimize the overall risk.

-The qualified and credible management team brought in from various sources and the large diversification separates us from the others. We will be the first market movers to provide much needed services to the current investors in Second Life starting out with our website “”, intended to provide a financial hub where SL investors and alike can discuss money. We believe this to be a very strategic investment as the revenue channel is not only from the stock investment but from marketing service and financial service we provide as well.

2) Our talented in-house SL scripter/designer

- Initially building a foundation with the stock investments and the first major financial portal for SL investors, we can fully exploit our strengths of in-house programmer/designer to expand the business further. One step at a time, with the help of investors and their invaluable feedback, we can continue to make key decisions together around our long-term investment strategies, whether it's in land holdings, banks, or other identified opportunities.

3) Dedicated leadership team comprised of open-mindedness to fresh ideas generated by thousands of people – you.

-Regardless of the shares you own, we will fully absorb the shareholders ideas with respect, confidence, and open-mindedness. It is you who can help us grow our business.

Currently our scipter is working on our ATM which will be used for offering bonds to further enhance our total asset. In addition, he will work together with the professional web developer to create a link between Second Life and the web to facilitate money transactions for the services we will offer.

Market Overview

There is a few funds already established in the market, but it will be unfair to compare the existing funds to SL Investors Fund. We will be establishing ourselves by competing in more than one market and will stay one step ahead at all times. Though we currently do not foresee any major competition to the funds or its assets in the near future, we are aware that other capitalists will follow the trend with forums, websites, and investment funds. We, however, plan on fully exploiting the first mover advantage and establish a community immediately which the SL investors can thrust upon.

Use of Capital

- 40% of the capital for initial development of the website w/ a professional developer.
- 40% of the capital for creating a solid portfolio.
- 10 % of the capital for promotion, marketing and advertisement
- 10% of the capital is reserved for starting managerial salaries.
- As we move forward, expenses may increase with the growth of and additional asset development (to be disclosed after IPO). We will ensure that the shareholders are notified and be provided with opportunity to construct the strategic plan together. We will not make significant investments into a fund without any prior discussions.

Risk Factors

SL stocks have always been a somewhat risky business as with real life stocks. However, diversified investments will mitigate this risk. Also, as with all investment with Second Life, a significant decline in the Second Life economy and popularity could jeopardize our profitability and existence in this business.


CEO & Fund manager: Albenza Watkin – Albenza Watkin has both real life and second life experience in stock trading, he knows his way around second life and spends significant portion of his time into portfolio development. With easy access to Second Life and the WSE website from his real life office, he has generated more than 100% profit from his personal portfolio in the last month.

Co-Founder & Chairman: Hiro Zanetti – Hiro Zanetti is the former owner of Zanetti Poker Club (now acquired by Montana’s Poker Club) in second life, stimulating the poker industry with his innovative idea to start SL’s first ranked poker tournaments, which today is implemented by at least four poker sites including Montana’s Poker Club (MPR) and Four Deuces (FDP). He is the creator of inventive ideas and the one who directed our attention to investments outside of SL stock market (, which shall be proven as a wise move.

CFO & Financial Advisor: Illsyck Hienrichs - Illsyck Hienrichs is a self-employed consultant specializing in risk management, located in California, USA. Though rather new to Second Life, he is no amateur when it comes to money management. As an expert making a living off of investments and consulting, he will be the one who keeps us on the right track and help us mitigate our risks in the market. He is our investment advisor on the stock exchange and will be monitoring our investments closely.

COO: Hel Christensen - Hel Christensen is attending a management school in real life. He has mayor insight in programming and SL building with the ability to script at an advanced level. Currently working on our ATM. He will join the team as a COO and will oversee all of the design/scripting implementations for the fund.

Financial Advising Team: We will be recruiting a team of credible financial advisor's to provide articles, stock ratings, financial advising services, etc.

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