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General Details

Company: Binder Realty Co. (BRC)
Outstanding Shares: 39,008,252
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Realty Binder
Land Manager: Jorgito Gazov
Account Manager: Kahana Falta
CEO: Games Prototype


CEO's Real Life Name: James Martin
CEO's Real Life Location: Colorado

Cash on Hand: L$1,348,215.00
Land Owned: 135,021m2
Land Value: L$1,417,235.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$191,357,835,150.00

Monthly Income: L$800,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$300,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Thank you for your interest in Binder Realty.
Binder Realty is of course a realty company here in SL. So now you say to yourself "Oh great, another realty company. Just what we need." Binder realty is not like a lot of the other realty companies you see out there. We have a true understanding of our customers, and strive to do more than just move land as quickly as possible. We have many projects in the works to enhance the land buying and trading experience unlike anyone as ever seen before. Please read our prospectus to see what we have in store.
Each month, we will distribute 20% of our net profits to our shareholders. So plan to buy a lot of stock to hold onto to get that monthly paycheck!

Business Overview

Binder Realty buys land on demand from people who want to get rid of their land or sim holdings instantly and at a fair price.
Our mission is to provide a pleasure full land buying and selling experience for all SL residents, and offer more options than just the buying and selling. We strive to please our customers and our shareholders together.

Business Strategy

Our strategy as we repeat over and over again, is to dominate the land market by offering our customers not only the opportunity to buy and sell land, but also to trade it. Yes, residents will be able to trade in one or more parcels of land toward a bigger and better plot of land. We hold many grades of land here BRC, and will always have what our customers are looking for.

Business Strengths

Our strength is our customer service and satisfaction. We Give our customers what they want, when they want it. If we don't have it, we will get it. We accel in automation of the redundant tasks that eat up our employees time, so we can spend more time helping our customers.

Market Overview

Our major customers are such as rental agencies who look for premium land to raise apartments and towers to rent to residents, Casino owners who look for high speed and lag free sims, right down to the average joe who looks for a quiet and peaceful community to build a small house or log cabin on. In this market we service everyone.
Our competitors of course is every land baron in SL. everyone fights for their piece of the pie, and its a rough road out there. We are confident though that we can overcome the large land barons, as the little guy can move much faster, and offer greater customer support.

Use of Capital

We will use our capital raised from the IPO to build a unique web site interface where residents can quickly and easily view all land available, and buy or trade land right on the spot. We will also be buying new sims to further offer a better array of land options.

Risk Factors

The risks involved in the reality business of course are rising land prices, decrease in population, and anything that leads to an absence of land purchases. The market has been pretty stable for a while, and we believe that these risk factors are very small.


Games Prototype:
Title: CEO
Job Description: Manage overall operations and decisions of the company

Realty Binder:
Title: Vice President
Job Description: Oversee the complete operations of the company, and make strategic decisions with shareholders on the direction of the company.

Jorgito Gazov:
Title: Land Manager
Job Description: Buy, Sell, Trade, and rate land on a point scale for quality. Manage property leins.

Kahana Falta:
Title: Account Manager
Job Description: Manage all finances, and direct funds to the appropriate locations for operations. Manage contracts with SL banks to offer loans to land buyers.

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