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General Details

Company: Countless Galaxies (CGI)
Outstanding Shares: 10,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Jasper Tizzy
Director: Dorothy Tizzy
President: Patrickj Ah


CEO's Real Life Name: Frank Corsi
CEO's Real Life Location: Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Cash on Hand: L$2,716,000.00
Land Owned: 461,348m2
Land Value: L$18.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$11,020,264.00

Monthly Income: L$145,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$248,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Shareholders,

Now, more than ever, opportunities for real estate investment in Second Life have blossomed, but it's not easy to tell which have true potential for growth.

Developing a sim is easy enough, but it takes expert planning and design to create a viable residential and commercial environment that doesn't defeat its purpose by overloading prims on the grid and crowding in shops and homes.

Countless Galaxies City Communities puts a great deal of thought into the conception and construction of sims that truly optimize grid usage, economizing on prims with realistic, charming architecture and intelligent infrastructure. Our sims are truly different - they're created to be 'smart', to attract and keep happy renters, and we manage them for optimal return on investment.

As a Shareholder in Countless Galaxies Cities Communities, you now have the opportunity to capture the high returns of our fully planned, revenue-producing sims, while limiting your investment risk.

We welcome you to join us as we grow into the real future of Second Life.

Jasper Tizzy

Business Overview

Countless Galaxies City Communities are intentionally designed, combined residential and commercial rental properties on grid-usage sensitive sims. All our cities have unique themes, enticing and thoughtful benefits and services, and attractive amenities.

Countless Galaxies City Communities provide prefab homes and apartments of various sizes. Prefab store sites are also available. All renters benefit from our knowledgeable support staff that provides 24-hour, 7-days a week help and security for our renters and their customers.

We oversee the entire process - land planning, engineering, construction, and vendor relationships, all the way through to the management, security and maintenance of the sim.

Countless Galaxies City Communities are 'realistic' 'livable' cities with a neighborhood feel. We currently have three developments:

Talyn City Community -Talyn 96, 181, 39 (Mature)
Talyn City has large single-unit homes, apartment buildings, retail shops and business offices, a nondenominational chapel, plus a wedding center with a piano bar. Talyn City also houses the headquarters of the Linden Bank. Talyn City is in a Mature sector but will be run as PG.

Koschuta City Community - Koschuta 107, 57, 101 (Mature)
Upscale Koschuta City offers gracious, luxury homes, business offices, a retail sector and our Datacenter. As a profitable adjunct of our business, the Countless Galaxies Datacenter leases space for servers used by our clients in Second Life.

Horisme Railroad City - Set for completion in 2007, Horisme City is a picturesque travel destination bordered on two sides by the futuristic, streamlined Linden Railroad. Horisme has its own train station, a luxury hotel, and retail shops. An amusement park is also planned for Horisme, a PG sim.

Future city plans include airports, sky diving facilities and navigable marinas.

Beautiful design, elegant architecture and art play important roles in every Countless Galaxies City Community. We feel it's important to support the arts. This is evidenced by the extraordinary statues that add an aura of grace to our parks and gardens. Not only is our public art lovely to look at, it's designed with minimal prim usage for maximum enjoyment.

Along with perceptive design, we feel we best serve our clients´ interests by providing irresistible benefits, and by managing our properties with positive growth investment goals in mind.

Business Strategy

Our founder, Jasper Tizzy, learned early that uninformed prim usage will ruin the Second Life experience. Some entertainment establishments can kill a sim's performance. Mr. Tizzy develops communities where lag is constantly restricted and monitored. Renting at a Countless Galaxies City Community is like having control of your own private sim; you are guaranteed that we will not sell off land nor house any lag-creating venues.

Renting is the easiest, most accessible way a Second Life resident can maximize their enjoyment and profitability in the game. What sets Countless Galaxies City Communities apart is its expert planning. We believe the ideal community serves one purpose: enabling the residents of Second Life and our investors to achieve their goals. To that end, we offer many outstanding benefits to our customers.

- Co-op advertising is available to all renters; we pay 50% of fees up to L$1,000 per week for any ads that mention our cities by name and use our city as the landing point.

- 24/7 responsive, live customer service.

- Rental homes are on separate lots so the renter can control the media.

- All buildings have access control doors and windows allowing instant access, while providing security.

- Apartment building lobbies contain residential and retail space vendors that provide full leasing information.

- Free furniture is available to all renters.

- We use rez boxes to conserve prim usage, and provide them free of charge to all renters.

- Security is our prime concern. Our staff keeps a close ear to all that goes on in our cities. All our cities have surveillance systems that tell us who's in the area at all times. These monitoring systems continuously report to our group notification system. Renters can inform us immediately of any suspicious activity. We respond swiftly with remote ejection and banning from the sim.

- A full-service Linden Bank branch in each city.

- Every community has a coherent street system just like a 'real' city, with stop signs and speed limits.

- Our designers and mangers have the credentials, real world and in-world experience, and the focus to earn our reputation for optimally constructed, vigilantly managed rental properties.

It is our expectation that we will maximize capital appreciation and return regular dividends to our shareholders. We believe the growth in rental property in Second Life is not just a trend for the future, it's happening now.

Business Strengths

The originator of Countless Galaxies City Communities is Jasper Tizzy, a proven leader in Second Life business development. Mr. Tizzy is the creator and founder, as well as the business development and joint venture manager of the highly successful Linden Bank (, the largest and fastest-growing bank in Second Life. The Linden Bank is not directly involved with Countless Galaxies City Communities developments.

Mr. Tizzy is unique in that he employs his own team of Second Life market researchers. He understands and values the benefits of market observation, and the application of that intelligence.

In the real world, Mr. Tizzy is a successful commercial website developer who has innovated and operated numerous profitable Internet-based businesses. including three large-scale Internet datacenters, two of which are in the United States, and one in Manchester England.

Market Overview

We challenge you to find anyone else planning enlightened communities like Countless Galaxies City Communities.

Use of Capital

Capital will be applied to developing more exceptional Countless Galaxies City Communities ensuring growth and profitability.
Aggressivly marketing the properties in the classified ads, and other media available in Second Life.

Tier Reserves: 744,000 L$
Marketing Advertising: 500,000 L$
Operational Expenses: 45,000 L$

Risk Factors

Earlier this year, Linden Labs Rental released usage metrics ( that showed rising, rapid growth in the past two years for such usage factors as Premium Residents, User Hours, Square Kilometers of Second Life Land, Lindex Volume and Cash Payouts, and Economic Activity (User to User and Linden $ Held by Residents). These figures show that real estate in Second Life is a stable investment.


jasper Tizzy - Chairman
Patrickj Ah - President
Teanna Nomura - Land Development
Turkey Yip - Furniture Development
Lovely Encore - Business Advisor

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