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General Details

Company: Apple Technologies Computer (ATC)
Outstanding Shares: 1,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Eablade Keen
Growth Analyses : Kc Bernstein
CFO Analyses : Hawk Sola
Tech Analyses : Ancient Shriner


CEO's Real Life Name: Bill Wiznowski
CEO's Real Life Location: Massachusetts, USA

Cash on Hand: L$70,000.00
Land Owned: 7,264m2
Land Value: L$19.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$208,016.00

Monthly Income: L$0.00
Monthly Expenses: L$0.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Shareholders,

Apple technologies in the past year has been a fast growing business with our out of the box business approach. We Help bring What Second Life needs. We already have a large number of investments and more planned, with high returns forecast. Apple Tech will Lead the Way in Second Life in this Fast growing World

I encourage you to read on.

Bill Wiznowski,


Business Overview

Apple technologies is a Leader in selling Land Radio's, TV's, Home Land Security for SL members and Mpods our goal is to become the #1 name in Second Life in land needs for items and High Tech toys and Scripts

MPod is the Personal Audio player that allows people in Second Life to play audio files anywhere in the World This Advancement was AT's Start a way to allow people to play any format of audio clips anywhere in SL with flawless service due to the Mpod software That is also in use by Live bands.

Boombox audio system our system allows the user to add their own stations with a full menu or chat voice commands this tech also helped us in adding Candle Radio

Apple Tech and it's R&D; team are always working on new items and the money from the IPO will be used to help grow AT

Business Strategy

Apple tech's Goal is to be the number one Provider of High end Items for SL Members and Growth in all parts of SL as we plan to build stores on all mainlands and high traffic aeras
with the money we raise from our ipo. We currently own 2 plots of Land. We would like to add more perminant locations and expand on our own sim. This will give us ample room to build a Super Store. Our funds will
100% of all our profits will go to dividends to our stock holders. All of the money that we aren't reinvesting to build a bigger business will go to dividend payments. Dividends will be announced on the Last Friday of each Mounth. We Also created a group called "Apple technologies Computer" and it will constantly inform you of upcoming dividends along with new advancements our company has made.

Business Strengths

Growth and the Forsight to see what is needed our current products offer what people need as we keep doing R&D; into keeping on the edge

Market Overview

Apple technologies has grown at a very Fast rate in the Past Year with a Great Cash flow Our R&D; Team has placed it's self as the Leader and many of our Competitors are trying to catch us as we keep taking Market Share

with the huge influx of new accounts, and the incredible difficulty of producing excellent quality products, This gives us a real opportunity for a new line people to sell to and with the correct marketing and promotion. We can capture a significant share of this fast growing market.

Use of Capital

The Capital Raised in the IPO will be used to help expand Apple Technologies and help Hire new people to work with our R&D; team to help us grow in the following:
- additional land, as required
- hiring of graphic designer(s) to assist with item skins.
- a full marketing plan and advertising campaign to signal the launch of new items and ad's so people know who we are and become a well know Household Name.

Risk Factors

Minimal risk factors - We have Set up in a fast growing Market with strong sales in a fast growing part of Second Life


Apple Technologies Team is made up of top people who know their Trade. And together help us Grow

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