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General Details

Company: Second Life Housing Inc (SLH)
Outstanding Shares: 5,039,737
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Mayling Tamura
Chairman: Mayling Tamura
Non Executive Director: Katjana Milestone
Non Executive Director: Bart Melendez
Non Executive Director: Mikvik Mathilde


CEO's Real Life Name: not specified
CEO's Real Life Location: not specified

Cash on Hand: L$10,000.00
Land Owned: 8,192m2
Land Value: L$20.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$173,840.00

Monthly Income: L$42,100.00
Monthly Expenses: L$20,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Welcome and thank you for your interest in 2nd Life Housing Inc.

2nd Life Housing Inc provides furnished / unfurnished
Appartments, Penthouses and Prefab Homes / Shops

We will set an strong possition in
Second life.

Please read the complete prospectus in order to get an idea of t company so that you know why it's good to invest in 2nd Life Housing.

Company Flash WebSite is being created.
On the website there will be every 3 months a report of the finances.

Second Life Housing has a shareholders Group called SLH Share Holders
All share holders will be invited to this group.

Every end of the Month there will be a Share Holder Meeting in the Main Office in Blue Ocean.


MayLing Tamura
CEO 2nd Life Housing Inc

Main Office : Blue Ocean

Business Overview

Business Overview :

Planning in making Investments in Land Property Companies listed on the World Stock Exchange.

Expand with new Projects

Mission Statement :

2nd Life Housing Inc's mission is to become the biggest renting company of Second Life with renting Apartments, Pethouses, Homes and Shops for affordable prizes.

Planning to work together with land selling / Renting companies listed on WSE

2nd Life Housing Inc will also invest in Land Holdings.

Business Strategy

Renting with 2nd Life Housing is interesting for a lot of people and sectors.

For example :

New commers to Second Life will mostly search for a job. When they work, they don't have much time look for furnishing. Also TV' are expensive so because of that it's interesting to rent with 2nd Life Housing.

Companies who hire new and good employees can rent with 2nd Life Housing Inc so they can offer a furnished home for there Employees.
This would ba good thing to offer so the employees dont have to spend there earned money on renting land, or a house and can use there money for other things.
This creates loyal and happy employees.

These are just examples,2nd Life Housing Inc has lots of idea's on how to expand.

New way to Expand is Rent to own.
For example...Rent six months a house and the TV is a other 6 mohs and all the furniture inside you can keep.

Business Strengths

The Business Strenght lies in the Deals that 2nd Life Housing makes with Land Owners, creators of furniture, Creators off Houses and so on.

Because of those deals, Prizes still can be hold low.

Because of Low Prizes, the provits will grow.

Also, ivestments will be made with Buying shares of Real Estate Companies listed the WSE

2nd Life Housing Inc did set up a new Professional WebSite. The CEO is working on getting Payment Systems on the Site. This will be PayPal and IDeal.

An other thing that will separate 2nd Life Housing Inc from the competion is the fact that we will give to every one who rents a month an nice gift. This will be done every month.
This creates happy Renters and is a gift of appriciation and service.

Market Overview

Customers are :

New People in Second Life
Employers who will offer there Employees a home
Escorts who can work in there home instead of a club and earn more money that way.
People who want to start there own Shop

If you are intrested in the set ups of 2nd Life Housing Inc, than please look at Eve Island ( Housing ) and Sunset Commerce 2 ( Sops )

The LM / TP's can be found in my Profile under Classifieds.

Also Feel free to come to the Main Office in Blue Ocean.

Use of Capital

The investment cappital will be used to Buy Land/ invests in TV's / advertising and buying land.

Also the investments will be used to buy shares of Real estate Companies listed on the WSE.
Dividents of those shares will be used to fill back the main capital of 2nd Life Housing Inc so that we have a stable and solid Portfolio.

Houses and Furniture are already in hand so that doesnt need investments.

Risk Factors

There are always risks in Business.
But the risk are minimum.

For real estate companies it would be even more interesting to Buy Shares of 2nd Life housing Inc so that a working together enviorment can be established and provits can be made.

Also the economics in Second Life are growing and because of that growed the risk factor is hold to a minimum.

2nd Life Housing Inc is proud to have 2 Directors on board who have a proven record in SL.
Bart Melendez ( 1st Dutch Banker )
MikVik Mathilde ( Inventor of trevolutionary Prim Counter System and CEO og SLCGS company )

Becoz of the powerfull board of Directors and all the Know How whe have, 2nd Life Housing Inc ( SLH ) will be a good share to invest in and will hold the Riks to a minimum.

Contuinty of Business Plan :

2nd Life Housing Inc made arrangements for a worst case scenario. If for any reason the CEO will suffer health issues, or will be unable to continue her work in SL, her best RL friend will take over the business.

This means that he will take over the Domain name and hosting of Further he will be than and only when I am not able to continue, the new CEO of 2nd Life Housing Inc.

If this will all be the case, 3 options will be explored :

1 : He will Continue my work

2 : He will sell the company to interested Major Share Holders.

3 : He will ask to stop and hold the trade, Sell all land and belongings, and devide all money gainend to the share holders. This ofcoarse looked in the perspective of amount of shares holded by the share holders and time he / she had those shares in his / hers Portfolio.

PLEAE KEEP IN MIND....this is only a worst case scenario if the CEO MayLing Tamura will suffer health issues or other problems that will occure that makes her unable to work and continue her company 2nd Live Housing Inc.

Due to the Privacy and Low Profile, the info of my RL friend who will take over in a worst case scenario will only be provided in the sub directory Major Share Holders.( Login Requierd )
Please check out the complete website at :


Management is done by the CEO MayLing Tamura her self.

MayLing Tamura has high experiance in the Managment field in RL.
Over more than 10 years she worked as a General Manager in the retail industry.
The last 2 years she worked as Progam Director on the River Cruises for a US Company.

Non Executive Director Bart Melendez is :
Owner of the 1st Dutch Bank in SL who makes it possible to buy Lindens with Euro's.
In Februari 2007 Dutch Exchange had a trade of 7.250.000 linden dollars wich is €23.000 ( euro )
For te month March it's expected to be 14.000.000 linden
Also Dutch Xchange makes it possible to change your Linden Dollrs back to Euro's.

Non Executive Director Mikvik Mathilde is :
Owner of SLCSG.
A company that provides in a station between employers and emplyees.
He developed a system wich made it possible to do that even offline and connected it from iwd to outworld.
MikVik Mathilde is in RL a software Developer.

Non executive Director Katjana Milestone
is a Associate of 2 Life Housing Inc, and will be assistig te CEO MayLing Tamura in the Daily Business.

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