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General Details

Company: Innovation Inc. (INC)
Outstanding Shares: 3,505,953
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Marc Attenborough
Chief Marketing Officer: Cheyenne Newman
Director: Guiles Tidewater


CEO's Real Life Name: Michael
CEO's Real Life Location: Illinois

Cash on Hand: L$135,000.00
Land Owned: 0m2
Land Value: L$0.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$135,000.00

Monthly Income: L$25,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$1,600.00

Chairman's Letter

Thank you for taking the time to view this opportunity. Innovation Inc. will be the leader of the Second Life Investment community. Our business has three moving pieces: Business Solutions, Private Wealth Management, and Instituaional Investment Services. Our mission is to help individuals and institutions build and preserve wealth through a variety of objective solutions.

Our approach is unlike anything else in Second Life, that's why I expect it to be a tremendous sucess. The details of our business units are listed below. Please review it and feel free to contact me directly with any questions that you may have.


Marc Attenborough
Chief Executive Officer

Business Overview

Mission: To provide objective advice and exceptional service to individuals and institutions.

Innovation Inc. is comprised of three business units.

#1.) Private Client Group: This division works directly with clients who do not invest on the WSE. It currently manages a discretionary investment portfolio for over 20 individuals and the list continues to grow.

#2.) Business Solutions Group: This is a consulting division that will work directly with businesses on a variety of issues including: Promotion of IPOs, Human Resource Consulting, Public Relations, and Mergers & Acquisitions.

#3.) Investment Management: This division will operate 2 Index Funds that will trade on the WSE as well as 1 actively managed IPO Fund.

Business Strategy

The key to our business is investor education and promotion. That is why we will be conducting seminars at least twice each week in order to inform individuals about the advantages of an open market system and why businesses are the backbone of the Second Life Economy.

We believe the greatest way to grow and improve our business is to get out and talk to people. The Second Life economy is people-driven, not product-driven.

Business Strengths

We take a unique approach to the way we do business. We are doing things that no other company does.

#1.) The Private Client Group deals directly with individuals which brings money into the exchange that would not have been there otherwise.

#2.) The Business Solutions Group is going to help business go from being Good to being Great.

#3.) The Investment Management Group is bringing the concept of Second Life Index Funds to life for the first time.

In short, we are going to help take this economy to a higher level.

Market Overview

At the present time we do not have any one who we view as our competition. No one does the things that we do with regard to individual and business solutions.

There are a few investment management companies, however, they pick and choose a small group of stocks and hold highly concentrated positions. Our approach will provide broad diversification and will be the leader in the industry.

Use of Capital

There are multiple items that we will use our capital to address.

#1.) Our website is in need of an upgrade.

#2.) Our current office is not sufficient for our needs. We need to purchase land and establish a permanent office location.

#3.) In order to continue our current growth trend, we need to hire three more executives who will have commission based compensation.

#4.) Marketing & Promotion.

#5.) Educational Workshops that will be free to the public.

Revenue Summary:

** Private Client Group: 20% of Investment Profits.

** Business Solutions Group: Fees will be based on the complexity of the project.

** Investment Management: $4,500 per week + 20% of investment profits.

** Affiliate Programs

** Stock Investments, Real Estate Investments & Other Business Ventures.

Projected Profit Distribution:

25% - Public Shareholders
25$ - Chief Executive Officer
20% - Chief Marketing Officer
10% - Marketing Director
10% - Marketing Director
10% - Business Solutions VP

Risk Factors

We cannot predict the future. Markets move up and down. The greatest threat to our company is the stability of the Second Life Economy and the World Stock Exchange.

Please consider your own objectives carefully before investing.


One item that makes our business strong is our intellectual capital.

Marc Attenborough runs a real life investment consulting practice and has years of experience. Marc also holds a Master's Degree in Management & Organizational Developement. He knows how to build strong companies and work with people.

Cheyenne Newman is absolutely outstanding at building long trusting relationships with individuals. She's fearless and gets things done.

Upon the successful completion of this IPO, we will be looking to add 3 more talented executives and 1 more board member to round out our team.

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