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General Details

Company: Apez Currency Exchange (ACE)
Outstanding Shares: 100,000,000
Company Website:;=sell

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Senzai Murakami
Chairman: Senzai Murakami
Executive Director & CTO: Cenji Neutra
Non-Executive Director: Tyrian Camilo


CEO's Real Life Name: n/a
CEO's Real Life Location: n/a

Cash on Hand: L$10,379,221.00
Land Owned: 3,600m2
Land Value: L$24.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$10,465,621.00

Monthly Income: L$12,606,157.00
Monthly Expenses: L$11,838,953.00

Chairman's Letter

ACE is a company engaging in opportunities to help SLers to quickly convert their L$ to USD. Our exchange service is based on the successful Apez vendor systems, headed by our senior partner, Cenji Neutra.

Business Overview

Our business at Apez Currency Exchange buys and sells L$ for USD, and we currently operate on our website of;=sell

Our sales network is planned to reach into Second Life by the end of Q2 2007.

Future development of Apez Currency Exchange involves expanding our services from buying L$ from users, to selling L$ to users, as well as allowing users to freely trade their L$ on our 3rd party exchange for a competitive fee against the Lindex.

Apez Currency Exchange is an independent subsidiary of, an industry leader specializing in real estate services, and vending networks.

Business Strategy

We plan to offer our services across the SL metaverse, expanding our reach to at least 50% of SLers.

We operate via a blitz strategy, and our tactics are very progressive in attracting business by offering speed and quality service to our customers.

Business Strengths

By connecting our services with Apez' infrastructure, we are able to provide fast service on a wide spread retail coverage.

Our currency exchange service offers some of the best rates and speed compared to other companies in Second Life.

The board of directors is also led by SL veterans with years of experience of business in Second Life.

Market Overview

Our market data speaks for the growth of the market and our business/market share.

Inception of exchange: December, 2006

Volume of L$ transactions:

Jan 07: $1,553,444.00
Feb 07: $1,678,369.00
Mar 07: $7,176,788.00
Apr 07: $12,606,157.00
(Current until April 28th, 2007)

Use of Capital

The capital raised in the IPO will be deployed in the completion of the expansion of the Apez Currency Exchange website to offer services not only limited to selling L$, but also to buying L$, and a free market to trade L$ on that is cost effective and competitive against Linden Lab's Lindex. Any extra unused capital will be used to fund these exchanges and transactions, as well as other investments.

Risk Factors

The exchange rate's fluctuations could pose some difficulties for the business, and the economic well-being of Second Life could very well impact our business.


Senzai Murakami: Chairman and Chief Strategist

Cenji Neutra: Executive Board Member and Chief Technical Officer

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