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General Details

Company: Celestial Investments (CEL)
Outstanding Shares: 501,214
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Dimitri Gasser
Chief Operating Officer: Jordan Alemany
Director: Shaynee Xi
Director: Leslie Trihey


CEO's Real Life Name: Ian Bakewell
CEO's Real Life Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cash on Hand: L$1.00
Land Owned: 1m2
Land Value: L$1.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$2.00

Monthly Income: L$1.00
Monthly Expenses: L$1.00

Chairman's Letter

Welcome potential shareholders.

I am offering you the ability to invest in Celestial Investments (CEL)

CEL offers every shareholder a chance to rappidly increase the value of their portfolio in an incredibly quick timeframe. Through our unique and agressive dividend and share buy back policy, which is supported through our use of IPO funds in solid high yield investments, investors can expect to see the share price jump substanitally while still recieving large and frequent dividends.

CEL has a total of one million five hundred thousand (1,500,000)outstanding shares, one million (1,000,000) of which will be offered to the public during our IPO. Share price is set at L$30 each for the IPO.

Our dividend and buyback policy is set and will be structured as follows:

80% of the proffit made from all investments will be paid out in dividends on the first of each month.

75% (or L$500,000 ... whichever is greater)of the L$ made in dividends on stock the company holds in reserve will be used to purchase back as many shares as possible at MARKET immediately after the posting of a dividend.
The remaining L$ will be held in reserve for unexpected expenses and further future growth.

CEL believes that our dividend and buyback policy, coupled with rappid growth and proffits from the investments made with the IPO funds will help the share price see immense growth.

As for the investments we intend to make with our IPO funds they will initially entirely be made up of land holdings on a new private continent we will develop.
This investment will see a large return while still retaining equity and planning for market variations.

The advantage CEL has over current competition is speed and simplicity.
Everything for this continent is ready to go. The entire map is laid out to scale and available to view by anyone (simply send Dimitri Gasser an IM in world) and all components of the building developments on the contentent have allready been made and are sitting in inventory. all we have to do is res and go :)

Using both CEO Dimitri Gassers extensive contacts and friends, alongside those of the other board members and a solid advertising campaign utilizing SLM and other resorces like banner adds on and in game billboards. It is believed that we can have the sims in the continent built, and rented out at 80% capacity within 3 days of recieving the land from LL.

Please read the remainder of this Prospectus for further information on our company and our plans.

Its realy simple friends, invest in CEL to see the strongest gains on any stock in the shortest ammount of time.
Our dividend and buyback policy assures that our stock price will jump substantially. and will continue to do so untill every possible share has been purchased back from the shareholders over the next coming months.

CEL is commited to purchasing back as many shares as they can in as quick of a time period as possible. Their commitment to utilize the majority of their income from dividends to purchase the shares back at market means the investors will see a large return on their investment in the shortest period of time. CEL will never sell stock outside of the IPO. Once a share is purchased by CEL the market will never see it again.

Thankyou for your time, I look foreward to growing with you.

Dimitri Gasser


Ian James Bakewell

It should also be known that i have no problem giving my RL contact info to investors. Please IM me in world for this. Investors are also asked to join group "Celestial Investments" in world. The group is open enrolement and free.
I believe in total transparencey for investors and strive to build solid relationships with them. I will not shy away from answering any questions they have.

Make it to edmonton, ill take you to lunch!

Business Overview

CEL's mission is to become one of the best investments on the WSE for the rappid growth of a shareholders portfolio. CEL intends to do this by getting in on the explosive growth of secondlife.

We aim to acchieve this through a solid buisness stradegy focused around land development and rental combined with an aggressive share buyback policy.

Business Strategy

Our buisness strategy is supprisingly simple. CEO Dimitri Gasser is a simple guy and gets right down to it. CEL reflects that in its buisness strategy.

CEL will be purchasing 7 sims at a time from LL, laying in our infrastructure, and renting the plots. We hope to complete 7 sims a week over the 7 weeks directly following completion of this IPO.

The entire continent is currently laid out, to scale, on a grid. The land textures and terrain files are all ready to go, These can be quickly uploaded and the sims can quickly be subdivided according to the layout on the grid within an hour of recieving the land from LL (once again to see the plans just send Dimitri Gasser an IM in world)

All of the infrastructure
to be used on the continent has allready been made and resides in the CEO's inventory. It simply needs to be resed and the continent is ready to go.

The continent will be split up into 42 residential sims, and 7 commercial sims. One of the commercial sims (the centermost one in the 7x7 grid) will be used for a large mall and entertainment complex.

The sims in the residential area are split up into 14 plots 4096sqm in size with the remaining 4096sqm dedicated to infrastructure and open space.

CEL plans to rent each plot for a flat rate of L$2000 a week. We find this to be an accepted rate for rentals, and find ourselves with pre-orders allready.

there will be a total of 588 residential plots offered on the continent, for a total of L$4,704,000 in rental revenue each month when at full capacity.

the 6 commercial sims will be split up into 14 parcels, 12 parcels 3840sqm in size, 2 parcels 5760sqm in size. The remaining 8192sqm will be used for infrastructire and open spaces.

CEL intends to rent these parcels for L$2000 a week on the 3840 and L$2250 a week on the 5760.

this will make for a total of L$684,000 in rental revenue at full capacity.

The middle sim on the grid, will be turned into a 4 floor mall and entertainment complex. We plan to have 400 rental stalls in the mall spread over 4 floors. we intend to rent each stall for L$250 a week.

The mall will be the center of the continent and we expect to be able to hit capacity quickly. There will be one telehub on each floor of the mall (one hub, three spawn points) so traffic to the sim will be fairly dispursed. the mall is designed so that each stall is visible no mater where you are on the floor. making each available rental a "good spot". There will be a good advertising budget for the mall, to drive live traffic and keep renters happy. Our advertising concept consists of adds thru SLM, banners on slx and slb. inworld advertising on radiostations and billboards, and events. The mall will also feature a freebie zone, and a money tree on each floor. We will also have a terminal for every known SL bank / shopping site.

The mall will bring in L$400,000 in rental revenue when at full capacity.

The continent, in its totality has a rental revenue potential of:

tier fees on the sim will be:

This means that the continent will have a monthly proffit of:

This is on the rental income alone. We fully intend to incorporate an advertising division and a radio station for the continent, wich will see added proffits from revenue on radio addspace, and bullboards placed in the comercial district and mall, as well as our monorail system, and on infocenters down the main street.

CEL intends to setup a rental collection system using the APEZ setup.
This will allow for easy management of all available stalls and the ability to manage them centerally using the website.

CEL believes that advertising, when done properly and through reputable companies whos impressions see traffic, is a great way to increase exposure. Following this belief it is committed to start a heavy advertising campaign to assist in gaining rentals quickly.

CEL's dividend and buyback policy ensures the share price will see rappid growth, and that CSI will fast become the position of the best stock on the WSE

With projected monthly proffits of 1,966,000 per month, this means stock holders will see a monthly dividend of:
L$1.3106 per share. This is a 4% gain on the IPO price.
The dividend may not seem alot but take into account that CEL is committed to purchasing as many shares as they can at MARKET price with L$500,000 or 75% (whichever is larger)of the income they recieve on company held shares, they will also NEVER release shares for sale after the IPO.

Purchasing shares at market with this money is sure to see our stock price appreciate quickly in value. THIS is where we believe we can offer the best growth to our investors portfolio in the shortest ammount of time.

Business Strengths

Our buisness strengths are simplicity and speed coupled with CEO Dimitri Gassers extensive network of friends, pre-preperation and knowlage of SL.

The entire continent is allready planed out, on a grid, to scale. all of the infrastructure going in is allready built and in his inventory. He has the land textures and .raw ready to upload. Its as simple as uploading the terrain and textures, subdividing the sims according to the layout, and resing / placing the infrastructure.

Then setting up the rental system and start renting! there is allready alot of intrest in the project and with use of an intense advertising campaign we expect to see our sims hit capacity shortly after opening.

Due to the substantial pre-preperation made by CEO Dimitri Gasser CEL is confident it can have each round of sim purchases (7sims each round) fully developed and on the market inside 48hours of getting the land from LL.

Dimitri Gasser loggs an adverage of 13 hours a day in SL and has a great support staff (as seen on the board of directors) to help him acchieve these goals.

WE firmly believe that speed in development, along with having a beautiful community, competitive rental rates and the ability to offer 24/7 support will make us one of the leading small continents in SL.

Our ability to quickly develop our investments to see revenue, coupled with our aggressive share buyback policy will allow our investors to see maximum returns on their investments in the shortest ammount of time with CEL

Market Overview

The land rental market in SL is definitly the most solid, and fastest growing sector of our world.

Although there is alot of competition in the land development area, there is also a huge demand for it.

The secondlife community has grown to nearly 6,000,000 residents. To give people an idea of the growth, Secondlife had a total of around 400,000 residents when CEO Dimitri Gasser started in September of '06

CEL believes that they will have little trouble filling rentals when the market and what we offer is taken into consideration.

Use of Capital

Use of capital breaks down as follows:

L$21,339,500 will be used to purchase 49 private islands from LL (these will be laid out in a 7 x 7 grid)

an estimated L$500,000 will be used for advertising and in house expences

the remainder will be held for second month tier fees (L$3,822,000 maximum)

all L$ remaining after these expenditures will be issued as a one time dividend on the stock, and as such the L$ made through the dividend on company stock will be used to purchase as many shares as possible at MARKET prices.

Risk Factors

please see the risk factors posted here:


I would be lying if i said there was no risk. However after studying the markets and having a solid belief that LL will continue to be here tomorrow i can confidently say that the risks involved with this investment are as minimal as you can get inside the world of Second Life.


CEO - Dimitri Gasser
Ian James Bakewell
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

COO - Jordan Alemany
Director - Shaynee Xi
Director - Leslie Trihey

Our board of directors have been friends in SL and worked alongside eachother for as long as the CEO can remember. The people listed above will make up the meat of the team: sales, security, upkeep and development

90% of all work related to this continent will be taken on by these individuals.

The remaining 10% will be picked up by friends of these people, or subcontracted out.

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