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General Details

The prospectus is created as an offer document for a new or existing company seeking to raise capital from either private or public investors using an Initial Public Offering (IPO). In some situations a private company not using a stock market will create a document known as an Information Memorandum. Both documents set out to provide detailed information about the company, its mission, strategy, operations, financial information and investment risks.

Company: Second Life Netherlands (SNL)
Outstanding Shares/Bonds Issued: 1,031,567
Company Website:

Board of Directors and Company Officers

Chief Executive Officer: Geyl Fapp
Chief Marketing Officer: Xib Zinner
Chief Visionary Officer: Shonique Shilton
Chief Operations Officer: Jerry Tuncsik
Chief Operations Officer: Myra Foil
Corporate Governance: Slforum Huet
Corporate Insurance: Snlprotected Offcourse
Chief Financial Officer: Vincent Sideways


CEO's Real Life Name: Sanne Luna
CEO's Real Life Location: The Hague, Netherlands

(Real life details are optional as the WSE is a fictional securities exchange based on avatars in the virtual world of Second Life.)

Cash on Hand: L$451784.00
Land Owned: 20,480m2
Land Value: L$16.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets (NTA): L$779464.00

(NTA is calculated as the total assets of a company, minus any intangible assets such as goodwill, patents and trademarks, less all liabilities divided by Shares Outstanding. Also known as "net asset value", NAV or "book value", BV.)

Monthly Revenue: L$130000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$78420.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear shareholders,

The Dutch community is growing rapidly. As the biggest online Dutch SL community we're going to combine forces with Dutch SL Companies.

Also International companies are welcome of course since most Dutch players speak english fluently.

The Dutch community is strong, and their international friends reach all sides of the globe making everything powerful in business.

The events created by the community are succesful and the landsales within the community are rapidly increasing. Also rental appartments are mostly rented-out within a day.

Since the Dutch and of course their friends like to get among people, this creates a strong business income. Events are visited a lot, and that delivers the income. Being part of a SL group gives status, and if the group notice send out an event, most places are packed, creating a bonusfactor on the location.

As you can see, the community is strong. Daily between 19.00 and 01.00 GMT+1 the grid is populated with lots of Dutch speaking people. This coveres about 33% of the grid in those hours.

To invest in a community, is to invest in lots of people, there lies the power of communicated Business.


Geyl Fapp

Business Overview

We support the individual. Advertise among each other, give advise.

Our plans are expanding by group owned SIMs with connections to each other linking services to the best level.

We give personal advise to anyone who asks from how to change your skin to builing the best houses.

The team is expanding from in-world volunteers, in-world Linden Liaisons, translators, mentors in building and scripting, realty.

Of course some services can't be charged, like the In-World Liaisons, but they give the community a boost to other services.

We also have financial experts who trade on the WSE for community members. We call it the "Midkap Index" for people who don't wat to put effort in WSE trading.

Business Strategy

The Key activities are:

SL community tours

Like described above.

The most money comes from all above.

Business Strengths

The strength comes from the people on the community forum. The personal approach to people who need it. There is always someone avaliable for questions in all above services we give.

We do not compete our services in the community, but help each other so everyone makes profit for everyone.

Communities are strong. When the community is strong, people stay, and everyone has its part in it.

We're expanding the community using a democratic political system that we're creating so everyone gets their say.

Market Overview

Our major customers are our community members and their (international) business partners.

Our Major competitor is "0031". The dutch tutorial island or Dutch orientation island.

Our estimated growth is our community itself. Every Dutch or international member that joins us with his her business will be added to our guide, and helped with our services as long as they need. This increases the market value.

Use of Capital

The funds raised in IPO will be used for our community banking system and english part of the website.

Also we need rental space for the time being to locate our office. We choose to use rental at Silicon City next to other company's.

Risk Factors

The risk factors are like any company, but communities are stronger than a company with a single board of directors. Every community member will have a vote on major discisons if they want.

The worst case scenario will be that Linden Labs wil end Second Life, but that's the risk for everyone on the WSE and the WSE itself.

Management Team

Board of directors:

Geyl Fapp:
WSE Contact and Investor Consultant.

XIB Zinner:
SLForum Technical Leader and SL investor.

Sandra Martynov:
Financial Executive

SLForum Huet:
Financial Link

The Directing Community team on SLForum:
XIB Zinner
Geyl Fapp
Sandra Martynov
Shonique Shilton
Jerry Tuncsik
Myra Foil

BeOnE Oates
Lennox Flanagan

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