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General Details

Company: Szondi Devoted Development (SDD)
Outstanding Shares: 7,509,230
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Jakk Szondi
Company Director: Gigy Woodget
Chairman: Gigy Szondi


CEO's Real Life Name: Paul Brett
CEO's Real Life Location: England

Cash on Hand: L$48,092.00
Land Owned: 65,536m2
Land Value: L$12.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$834,524.00

Monthly Income: L$800,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$250,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Szondi Devoted Developments is run by The CEO who owns his own IT business in RL with plenty of experience in financial and legal sectors. His staff consisting of Gigy, a talented builder and scripter who has developed many very cool and unique projects due to be released in the next few days and weeks.

We currently manage several staff consisting of hosts, designers clothes, tatoos, furniture, doors etc) and dancers in addition to the management staff for our club and residential and commercial lettings.
We also have some very talented builders and scripter whose work is currently in high demand.

Business Overview

We provide clean, low lag, low clutter residential and commercial areas. Entire sims with no ad banners reaching into the skies, no neighbours with pink skyscrapers obscuring your view and no futuristic spacecraft flying around the sim. We believe that residential sims should have a range of entertainments without the clutter, noise and lag that many areas in Second-life now bring.

We also believe that in building high-end scripted products that testing is vital before releasing them onto the public and that quality and service are paramount to our customers.

Current income as of end April.
Mostly comprised of commercial and residential lettingbut including:
Slingo and other gaming income
Prefab sales
Product sales
Scripting and building services

Scripting and building comprises about 20% of our current work however all scripting will now be kept in house for our own products currently being tested and released during May.
Slingo and other gaming income comprises approximately 10-12% of income but we have no intention of furthering this line.

Sales of products are expected to increase by 200% as all of our new scripted goods are being released on the SLexchange in May once all final testing and bugs are cleared.
(most of our more expensive group entertainment and shopping products are around 90% ready with only final testing to complete. All of our lower priced products are in the process of either being packaged or released at the time of this announcement).

We also have multiple prefabs which although not really part of our intitial business plan are being released for sale mid-may due to some personal requests from buyers for these products and some initital sales already having been made.

We expect within a month of filling our IPO that our income will hit £L1.2million with outgoings at approximately $L400,000.
Certainly with 3 months our income should double from its current position and if land expansion continues then returns of $L2mill per month with average costs of $L400-450,000 would be expected.

Business Strategy

We will continue to put a lot of time into high quality products that 'do something' that are desirable and functional.
We are also expanding our land over the next two months to release more quality residential areas that are properly managed and maintained whilst giving the residents a good deal of freedom to live how they choose.
Our Scripted systems are going into full scale beta testing over the coming weeks and are apart from being unique, extremely well equipped and easy to use.

Business Strengths

Our senior staff are all accomplished in RL business. Our CEO has experience travelling and working all over the world in some of the most difficult environments. Never once stepping down from the challenge.
We have some truely unique and certainly high-demand products that will be released in our own stores under our own Existing brand name.

Market Overview

SL is growing. The statistics are clear that even the Premium account holders are growing fast.
Land will be a premium for some time to come and as we hold a wide product range and stores in addition to our land base we see a great deal of potential for our company. Yes we do stand by our land rentals and high quality scripted products as our baseline income, but unlike many companies on the WSE today we have not put all our eggs in one basket. We have a range of products and services that appeal to almost every resident. And it is already growing rapidly, with new designers and ideas there is little to stop our company expanding well into Second Life with a vengence.

Use of Capital

We have just spent a large amount of our capital on new designers, products and product investment / development. Our income is much higher than our outgoings currently however and our stores are now expanding with new ranges from our new designers.
Most of our outgoings for the next few months will be on the expansion of our land, as the other aspects of our business are now nearly all income with very little further expense required.
Income will primarily be used to expand our scripting services and to double our land mass. Although a full IPO would release enough capital to extend that further we do not feel that overstretching the company too early will benefit anyone. (over ambition with land and associated tier costs have already caused too many businesses in SL to fold due to lack of expected return - hence we intend to keep a large percentage of the initial IPO in reserve until the new land is occupied to at least 60% capacity after which time further expansion will be looked into).
The capital gained will allow a steady growth potential, currently our income is averaging $L800,000 per month, with anticipated sales of our new products (on sim and within SLexchange) expected to bring in an additional $L100-150K per month.
Land expansion should raise our income further to approximately 1.15 million+ per month with costs expected to rise from the current $L250,000 to around $L375,000 per month once planned capital spending has ceased.
No money other than tier for landed is required outside of the SL platform (all real world costs including part of the tier costing is currently met by the CEO and his RL company)and there are a few costs remaining regards our scripters and designers but much of that is being offset by trade in retail and residential space on our current sim in exchange for services.
Is essence, the initial investment will be used as a feed to expand land base and product range over a period of months, complimenting the income already established, not as a mass land grab or company return.

Risk Factors

There is very little in the way of risk. Obviously the stability of SL will always be a factor and the fast increase in estate sales from LL will affect prices of land from time to time. However, the constantly increased population and little end in sight of it slowing down means that companies established in these fields have much less to fear than those that will be joining us in months or years to come.
We have taken great care to ensure that all aspects of our business are self-profiting and can survive on their own should the need arise, certainly they are capable of supporting any other aspect of the business should it suffer a short-term downturn in profitability. Overall the company is in good shape for the future.


CEO- jakk Szondi
Chairman - Gigy Woodget
FD - Gigy Szondi
plus our design team, club and estate employees. Currently totalling approx 14 people.

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