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General Details

Company: Tao Capitol Inc (TCI)
Outstanding Shares: 5,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Chao Mu
Chief Operations Officer: Nosha Dalgleish
Chief Financial Officer: Elektra Boyau
Advisor - Land Division: Thai Racer


CEO's Real Life Name: Seth Jay Goldberg
CEO's Real Life Location: Austin, Texas

Cash on Hand: L$150,000.00
Land Owned: 35,000m2
Land Value: L$13.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$605,000.00

Monthly Income: L$500,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$100,000.00

Chairman's Letter


This opportunity is almost a once in a lifetime opportunity. Imagine what it could have been like to get in on a development company that is heavily dealing with Real World Companies coming into second life. You have all seen the news stories...

Reuters, Nike, NBC, MTV, General Motors, Palm Vegas the list goes on.

In the creation of Tao Heavy Industries I never expected it to preform at 1500% growth, nor did I expect to catch the interest of some real world brands looking to enter into second life. In the creation of Tao Heavy Industries I never expected to work with the people I have and assemble the team I have, nor did I expect there to be a demand for this team, to work with others.

I could easily mark the IPO for 5 times what I have done, but I'm tired of seeing companies use there personal or IPO cash to post a bonus thank you for IPO dividend (If they did not need that cash why did they ask for it)... Or talk about there amazing net growth but due to a share float that could purchase a small continent if it was cashed out only post .01 dividends.

I have proven my success on the WSE and in SL by going full time with Tao Heavy Industries and setting up a company inside of it that will be spun off to work on these items. We are generating capitol for a demo island that will be profitable using the skills of our COO and THI's COO who has been the driving force behind Goddess Of Love 1 & 2 two places that sat on the top places list for MONTHS, and Elements and Spirals Mall a 100 unit mall that is constantly at capacity and a club that is in the top places currently.

A proven business, proven people, proven income. This is an amazing opportunity.

Business Overview

Real Estate -
Commercial Project Development:
Residential Project Development:
Land Holding THI:

Business Development -
Concept Mall Development:
Traffic Generation:
Business Consulting:
Real World Brand Entry:
Real World Brand Consulting:

Business Strategy

Real Estate Purchase and Development and Resell

Commercial Rental
Residential Rental

Bringing the traffic back to the malls.
Mall Development that works without large camping with a constant draw of faces.

Real World Marketing And Development into Second Life and the WSE. We are currently in negotiations with 3 offshore companies.
In one case the company is already in second life and we are looking at taking over operations as they are not using second life properly due to inexperience with what works.

Our first project will be the demo island our expected income for this will be 1m monthly. We are looking at monthly dividends and growing the dividend payments well. This will be a stock that we want people to hold.

Business Strengths

There are very few people in SL who have the knowledge and background that my team has.

We have real world experience working with high profile companies like Electronic Arts, or Poker School Online.

In game experience with running some of the most successful small business ventures.

Business Strategy and Planning with running my own consulting firm since 2002.

We have proven our success in game with the sucessful creation of a company in a similar line but with different goals. That company has seen asset growth from about 1million to 15million in 45 days. We have posted .08 in dividends and have attempted to be as transparent as we could.

We also have the offshore business contacts that have come to us for development of there presence. We are currently entering initial phases of negations and are in the NDA signing process.

We are also looking at bringing new blood into the WSE with the companies, as there has been some interest for investments into the market from some of these companies.

Market Overview

Land And Real Estate:
Obvious Growth Area, as one of the most proven business lines in second life.

Business Development:
As real world brands enter second life, this market is huge. Electronic Sheep signs million USD deals. This area is larger than Real Estate

Mall/Commercial Development:
Malls in SecondLife are failing, we look to build a mall that will work in current second life conditions.

Use of Capital

CAPEX - Sim Purchase and Tier Build out of Demo area.

Risk Factors

We will leverage our risks through diversification as we do so with THI.

Our largest risk will be with the SL system failing.


Chao Mu:
Successful CEO of Tao Heavy Industries, Cut my teeth in online gaming working for both Turbine and Electronic Arts. Owned my own web hosting company, BBS system, Adult Entertainment (web) content production company, Music Production company. Has worked on online casino systems for the last year.

Nosha Dalgleish:
The Driving force behind:
Goddess of Love 1 & 2
Spirals Mall
Island Commercial Land Rentals
Extensive Club Development
Traffic Generation to Top Places Level
Real Estate Development and Sales
Business Management with being the business development manager of real life mall locations.

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