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General Details

Company: Genesis Islands (GEN)
Outstanding Shares: 3,801,703
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Aaron Levy
Non-Executive Officer: Fiona Fatale
Non-Executive Officer: Atm Overlord


CEO's Real Life Name: Aaron P
CEO's Real Life Location: Kansas

Cash on Hand: L$100,000.00
Land Owned: 512m2
Land Value: L$5,120.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$2,721,440.00

Monthly Income: L$0.00
Monthly Expenses: L$0.00

Chairman's Letter

Potential Shareholder:

Genesis Islands is a spinoff company of Rezzations, also a WSE-traded company. After extensive internal discussions over the past few months, the officers of Rezzations decided it would be best to break Genesis Islands from the main company and list it as its own corporate entity. The reason for this was to keep the two vastly different business models separate, especially their funds.

With Second Life's explosive growth, the market for privately maintained land is far from cornered.

Funds raised through this IPO will be used to purchase five private islands -- one standalone and four connected.

It is with excitement that I also announce that we have been able to secure license to use of one of the best automated land tracking and tier payment systems in Second Life. This system is not available outside of its current use by its owners, where it is being used to collect tier and manage owners on over 11,468,800 square meters of Second Life private islands.

What will set us apart from other SL real estate firms? We will focus on several niche markets, creating 4- and 8-sim mini-continents to cater to their needs. From Christian-themed, PG-rated continents to Goth-laden castles flowing with blood, we will explore the markets that are being overlook or are under-served in Second Life and target them specifically.

Business Overview

Our mission statement is to provide themed sims for residential and commercial purposes to under-served or overlooked niches in Second Life.

On the surface, we will follow the simple successful model that other private island owners have followed: buy an island, cut it up and resell or rent the land.

What separates our endeavor from countless others is who will will resell and/or rent the land to. Yes, its available to all, but our private islands will cater to various niche groups in Second Life. Consequently, our advertising will target those niches and point them to whatever sim(s) of ours will meet their needs.

Business Strategy

We will keep costs down by automating as much as possible. Land sales and tier collection will be handled by one of the best systems in Second Life, currently being used to manage over 11,468,800 square meters of private islands, all owned by one company.

Automation of the money aspect aside, we understand that customer service is vital to business success and will staff ourselves accordingly and use a streamlined website and bot-run avatar to receive and forward all customer contacts to the appropriate person.

Business Strengths

We have had experience serving as landlords in the past, having owned several Hub malls before point to point teleportation.

We also believe in our expertise when it comes to customer service, scripting and design skills. A majority of the work we need to do will be done in-house, with some of it being subcontracted out, but only when necessary or for special needs.

Our C.E.O., has been in Second Life for three years and has no plans on leaving. "I'm here for as long as Second Life is... I knew that the first time I logged in."

Market Overview

Our customers will be those looking for land to buy/rent/lease on a private island who want to be near others who share the same beliefs and/or interests.

We do not view other real estate companies as "competitors," per se, in that we believe there is always room for more in the market, especially those with plans like ours -- catering to special needs and interests.

We believe our growth will be steady and that there is market right now for at least 8-16 sims of targeted niches. Some of the fasted-filling sims are non-English private islands, for example.

Use of Capital

All funds raised in our IPO will be used to purchase five initial islands and be able to cover their tier payments for at least two months. This is simply a precaution, not an indication that IPO funds *will* be used for tier payments, as we fully expect to not need to. As soon as the islands are filled and tier payments are met by initial residents, leftover IPO funds will be returned to investors in the form of a dividend payment.

Funds will also be used to pay CSR initial CSR staff.

To reiterate: once the initial islands are filled and collecting tier, surplus money raised by the IPO will be returned to investors in the form of a dividend.

Risk Factors

* Value of L$ tanks
* Second Life fails or is shut down
* Cost of private sims is raised again to levels beyond what residents are willing to pay


CEO - Aaron Levy. SL Resident since June 2004. Entrepreneur. Inventor.

CSR Manager - Fiona Fatale.

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