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General Details

Company: International Business Management (IBM)
Outstanding Shares: 4,133,743
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Isiety Stardust
Chief Financial Officer: T0xic Scissor
Chief Operations Officer: Franky Potkova


CEO's Real Life Name: Ryan Graham
CEO's Real Life Location: Hartford, CT

Cash on Hand: L$180,000.00
Land Owned: 37,768m2
Land Value: L$11.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$595,448.00

Monthly Income: L$210,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$40,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Investors,

Thank you first and foremost for your interest in IBM. We are proud to offer you an opportunity to be part of our vision to help Second Life businesses grow by offering our assistance with initial business valuation, IPO planning and creation, promotion of approved IPO, capital management and WSE public relations.

The demands of an increasingly competitive global marketplace — driven largely by the networked world — are driving Second Life companies to find new ways to grow their businesses, while at the same time operating as efficiently as possible. Responding to
the competitive pressures and market opportunities requires businesses to be quickly adaptable and flexible in structure. With a solid understanding of international and online marketplace, complimented by years of business management experience, IBM is fueled and ready to surmount any Second Life business hurdle.

IBM will also provide an unbiased third party review for existing companies either already listed on the WSE, or those in IPO application stage. This review will allow companies to substantiate financial and identity claims made within IPO and announcements posted to the WSE or in press releases. Documentation reviewed and approved by the IBM team will bear a signature "stamp of approval" and reference number, along with a URL. The stamp may be displayed on company announcements and IPO applications. The reference number and URL will link to our third party review data, held on our web site.

This stamp of approval will allow investors and consumers alike to quickly and easily identify companies which have participated in the program, and had financial data reviewed by an independent third party.

Development will continue on SLBooks - An easy accounting program that will allow SL business owners to easily maintain financial data, balance accounting, and post results for the public to view on our web site.

Once again, I personally thank you for your interest in International Business

Isiety Stardust
CEO International Business Management

Business Overview

IBM is a truly innovative corporation taking a unique approach to solving problems and improving the stability of the current stock exchange. With years of combined business and marketing knowledge and Second Life specific expertise, our consultants pinpoint the
answers that have the most impact for Second Life businesses. Our consultants’ pride themselves in their ability to implement innovative enterprise solutions that deliver a rapid returns investment and tangible, long-term benefits. By providing a fresh third party view of a current business situation, we can help unlock the value of a companies people, processes, and technology.

We have the knowledge to improve business performance across a wide variety of retail and service oriented operations. For every project, whatever its scale, we mobilize selected resources from our established Second Life network of associates. And while our innovative, flexible business model allows explore new concepts and solutions, our strategic focus never varies: delivering a competitive advantage for your business

Valuation services, as well as assistance with Corporate Structure, IPO preparation, IPO promotion, and fund management will also be provided. By educating businesses on related financial topics we will assist them in creating a solid realistic valuation for
their company. Through intense review and calculation we can assist businesses in creating a sustainable, long term plan for dividend payments and management of planned growth.

By providing an independent review of Second Life companies IBM will strengthen investor trust in listed companies while providing those same companies a check and balance for
their own use. Many times an error is made unintentionally and is not caught until disaster strikes. Companies on the WSE have already suffered irrecoverable losses from events such as these. All provided information is kept strictly confidential, allowing executives to feel comfortable that their data is never at risk, never being sold, and a second copy is always available in an off site location. Investors will know with a simple glance at public documentation whether or not financial data has been verified,
and is secure.

Business Strategy

Through an aggressive marketing approach, IBM will use all of its combined experience and knowledge to promote our existence and programs to companies within Second Life.

Isiety Stardust and toxic Scissor have a proven track record for both management and promotion of Second Life businesses.

Isiety Stardust, founder and CEO of AMS marketing has been providing marketing and financial services within Second Life since late 2006. With a real life educational background in Marketing and 6 years working in Massive Multiplayer environments, Isiety has an understanding of online interactive marketplaces like no one else. With the
launch of IBM, all clients and contacts belonging to AMS marketing will be merged into the sole entity International Business Management.

t0xic scissor, through superior management and business skills has unmatched experience in understanding the needs of the Second Life business structure. In 6 short months Mr.
scissor has realized has dream of becoming a leader among Poker House Establishments proven by the continued success of Four Deuces Entertainment. Helping many along the way, his determination and will to succeed has lead many down a path to success.

AMS Marketing has seen enormous growth in the 6 short months it has been in existence. With the accelerated growth of the WSE, AMS marketing has seen a dramatic increase (40% monthly for the past 3 months) in the demand for these services.

Currently we are seeing a net income of approximately 170000L per month, with indefinite scalability. Currently the demand for our services is higher than our staff can supply. With investor capitol being used to procure reliable staff and train them, this obstacle
will be overcome in short order. After investor capital is secured, and expansion is complete IBM will see a minimal increase in net profit of 300%.

Increased profits will provide IBM with an income of approximately $6,120,000 for our first fiscal year. With such vigorous growth, projection past the 1 year point are impossible at this time.

IBM will pay 95% of all profit to shareholders. 5% of all profits from each period will be held and donated as decided by the board of directors.

Business Strengths

We are individuals of vision, and joined together as a team we hold an immeasurable
wealth of knowledge related to Second Life business, marketing and finance.

IBM's stamp of approval will be the first program of it's type to provide and unbiased review of companies for the public.

Our proven track record of success with existing Second Life business models provides us the confidence and vision required to handle large ventures within Second Life.

Market Overview

A Unique undertaking, IBM is currently facing no competition. We foresee possible
competition for third party review by other companies, however being the first
established in this area we feel confident our venture is indefinitely scaleable. Once established, the demand for IBM's stamp of approval will continue to grow until it is the standard in the industry.

Understanding the need for a continual marketing effort in any marketplace, IBM will employ a process type marketing plan with a multi faceted approach both in world and out.

Use of Capital

IBM will use investor capitol to build on our existing foundation of clients built with AMS Marketing. Investor capitol will be used in the following ways:

- Immediate acquisition of a Class 5 Simulation to house our operation

- Professional design for our corporate offices and educational simulation.

- Finalization of SLBooks

- Implementation of our aggressive, process marketing plan.

- Retention of server space and registration of domain name.

- Development on World Wide Web site and database to house approved documents.

- Hire of One World Wide Web programmer versed in MySql, PHP, HTTP and other languages as we see fit. (Review process has already begun)

- Hire of 3 additional staff members to handle additional sales, research, and
accounting needs.

- Salary for existing staff members for additional labor required for expansion and initial marketing.

- Expansion of customer service past our existing 5 language capability.

- Design of additional forms and documentation to facilitate businesses growth and management.

Risk Factors

With no competition for these services at present, IBM has the potential for limitless growth. Risks in this business fall within the same category as those found in any Second Life business:

- Denial of Service by Linden Lab or closure of Second Life. With their continued success we do not see this as a major risk factor at this time.

- Real life situations beyond the control of the board of directors, i.e. Natural
disasters, long term illness.

- Lack of Demand for services. At this time demand is high, and we continue to believe the life of Second Life and the WSE will be long and profitable.


CEO - Isiety Stardust
CFO - t0xic Scissor
COO - Franky Potkova

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