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General Details

Company: Armory Overstock & Co. (GUN)
Outstanding Shares: 10,017,884
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Jamie Bergman
Chairman of the Board: Jamie Bergman
Executive Director: Jacqueline Richelieu
VP - Sales : Chicago Kent


CEO's Real Life Name: Jamie Meroz
CEO's Real Life Location: Chicago, IL

Cash on Hand: L$100,000.00
Land Owned: 15,136m2
Land Value: L$20.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$402,720.00

Monthly Income: L$180,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$76,750.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,
It is with great enthusiasm that I am taking my company, Armory Overstock & Company, public. I have been in Secondlife since February 16, 2005 - a little over two years. In this time, I have seen SL's potential skyrocket.

Looking ahead, SL is set to explode. For this reason, I have decided it is time to take Armory Overstock public - we need additional funds to conquer the weapons market.

While there are no guarantees that we will be successful, my track record and SL's growing demographics make it likely that with hard work success will follow.

Jamie Bergman
CEO, Armory Overstock & Company

Business Overview

At present Armory Overstock & Company consists of four seperate enterprises:

Armory Overstock (Shepherd 134,48,107) - Our primary and largest store by revenues and space. This shop sells everything from guns to gadgets and has been in operation since 2005.

Femme Fatale (Shepherd 79,46,125) - A weapons and gadgets store designed exclusively for women. We recently opened this shop two months ago in March of 2007 and anticipate great things.

Central Intelligence Agency (Shepherd 111,38,125) - The spying superstore! We recently opened this shop a month ago in April 2007.

Havok Pirates Cove (Shepherd 103,48,125)- Our latest addition. This store sells anti-griefing gear. We opened this one week ago in May of 2007.

Business Strategy

A business strategy should always be simple and straightforward. Accordingly, here is ours:

(1) Expand our offerings through purchased products. We plan to do this by contracting scripters to develop and design new products.

(2) Establish a web presence.

(3) Provide superior customer service.

(4) Drive our competitors out of business by emulating and improving their business practices. We play for keeps.

Business Strengths

Our largest strength is the fact that we have been in operation for over two years and have an established and loyal client base. In addition, as opposed to our competition we own 100% of the products for sale in our stores. We don't have to hassle with third party vendors - which means we can assure that our quality high and that the customer is 100% satisfied.

Market Overview

The weapons market is one of rapid change. LL frequently changes codes pertaining to our industry in an attempt to control the strength of firearms. In general, this is good for the industry because it requires customers to continuously purchase new weapons.

Use of Capital

We will use raised capital to procure new products, have our store professionally laid out, establish a web presence, and potentially move our operations to a private sim.

Risk Factors

Risk is inherent in any business. The main risk involved in the weapons market is that the people of the (virtual) world will join hands together and stop fighting each other.

However, this risk seems to be low as history suggests that people would rather kill each other than compromise. While this may be tragic on a global scale, it has always meant the weapons business HAS business.


Jamie Bergman, CEO & Chairman of the Board - with over 2 1/2 years of SecondLife experience in the weapons industry, Jamie is not only the founder of Armory Overstock & Company, but the ideal choice to preside over it.

Jacqueline Richelieu, Executive Director - Jacqueline has over 3 1/2 years of SecondLife experience as a business leader. Although her experience is not directly related to weapons, she has been involved in various SL enterprises since 2004. Her advice and oversight will prove to be invaluable.

Chicago Kent, VP Sales - Chicago heads up our sales force. He has done an excellent job recruiting and training our employees and is an asset to the company.

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