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General Details

Company: A.M. Sports Bets (AMS)
Outstanding Shares: 50,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Andreas Frankfurter
Non-Executive Director: Pari Burton
Non-Executive Director: Andy Koenig


CEO's Real Life Name: Not Available
CEO's Real Life Location: Not Available

Cash on Hand: L$1,000,000.00
Land Owned: 12,000m2
Land Value: L$18.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$1,216,000.00

Monthly Income: L$640,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$30,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear potential Shareholders,

I would like to invite you to join us in this huge project I started November 2006.
By today we run the biggest Sportsbook System in Second Life with an outstanding growth. We have about 25 Franchise Partners and 400 satisfied customers.
We have about 95% of the Sportsbook Market in our hands, a few competitors tried to break into this business sector with no success.
We have developed the entire Sportsbetting System by ourselves and managed to run it
in a safe and secure manner with Limits up to 15000L$ per Game per Avatar.
It is the most sophisticated and complete Sportsbook System in SL.
It s a fully automatized system with multiple backup servers.
The system is not for sale and never will be for sale but we are offering an extensive Franchise Program at no cost using a commission over every placed bet.
Besides that we have been able to build an attractive Location with our A.M. Sports Bet Stadium we recently completed building.
We are expanding all over Second Life thanks to our Franchise partners.

We have also launched a few successful Products including a very popular Mechanical Bull Game, Sensor Doors and other scripted items.

The monthly Profit from those scripted items is around L$40,000.

We are offering this IPO to be able to grow even faster then we are at the moment.

Our monthly Bet Volume is now at about L$6,000,000 with a L$600,000 net profit.
The new capital coming from the IPO will be used to Raise our Bet limits to be able to compete with regular Online Sportsbooks. Besides that to expand our Advertising Campaign, run a 24/7 Support Center and additional Land.

Thanks for your interest.

Best Regards,

Andreas Frankfurter
A.M. Sports Bets

Business Overview


Run a Professional Sports Betting Service at the same level you could expect from Online Books.
We want to have unique Customer Support and provide the Customer a Sportsbetting experience he/she can't get at an Online Sportsbook.
We have the advantage against our more Traditional Competitors:
Here you can mix social interaction with Sportsbetting.

Business Strategy

Run a flawless system.
Excellent Customer Support
Large expansion using the Free Franchise Network.
Multilingual Support centre

Business Strengths

Our Strengths:

A flawless fully automated, secure System proven over the last months with multiple Backup Servers.

Our CEO personally coded the entire System so we are not dependent on any developers.

Excellent Customer Support.
Including 24/7 Access to your bets.

About 400 Customers (200 regulars).

Technical Knowledge about the Sports Betting World.

Franchise Network allows us to grow extremely fast.

Very attractive Location (A.M. Sports Bet Stadium)

Very important we are doing this FULLTIME.

Market Overview

We estimate to run about 95% of all Sports booking in Second Life.

There have been attempts by the competition but they were not able to succeed at all.

It s hard to put numbers on the market value,we are growing probably faster then most Second Life Businesses.
The high possibility to be bought by a major Online Sports book raises the Market value also a lot.

A.M. Sports bets basically is the undisputed Sportsbook in Second Life.
It is almost a Monopoly.

Use of Capital

1. To raise the Bet Limit to be able to compete with Online Books.

2. Be able to run a 24/7 Multilingual Support Center.

3. Additional land

4. Additional Infrastructure

Risk Factors

Risks can be found in the WSE Terms of Service.


Andreas Frakfurter
CEO/System Developer

Andreas Frankfurter founded A.M. Sports Bet in November 2006.
The Betting system was developed from scratch by Andreas Frankfurter.

Pari Burton
Non-Executive Director

A.M. Sports Bet Manager since December 2006
Sports Bet Expert
Technical Advisor

Dario Darrow
A.M. Designer/Builder
Responsible for the A.M. Sports Bet Stadium

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