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General Details

Company: Marston Estates (CME)
Outstanding Shares: 74,041,364
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Marston Davids
Chief Financial Officer: Rental Box
Chief Technical Officer: Cory Davidson


CEO's Real Life Name: C.Marston
CEO's Real Life Location: USA

Cash on Hand: L$6,033,920.00
Land Owned: 131,072m2
Land Value: L$15.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$8,000,000.00

Monthly Income: L$240,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$90,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Future Shareholders,

Thank you for considering Marston Estates for your next investment.

I started Marston Estates to provide low cost rental land to new residents and existing residents that wanted the same benefits of land ownership without the hefty price. My goal was for newbies, weekend players, alts or anyone not ready to purchase a premium account to be able to have a place to call home while they became oriented in the world of second life and engaged in the community. Rentals are simple touch and pay boxes and the covenant is basic. Residents enjoy 512 sq m and 1.5X prims, which make our properties a better value then first land when it was offered. With an experienced management staff and a drive to succeed we were able to fill Marston Estates first Sim to capacity in its first week. If given the opportunity I believe I can bring the same kind of success to your investment portfolio.

Marston Davids

Business Overview

Marston Estates is a residential, rental community made up of 80 512 sq meter parcels. The profit it generates is currently funding Memorial Park, which was developed and donated to the Virginia Tech Memorial Management team.

Our strategy was successful and well timed. No membership is required but we have discovered that residents of Marston Estates eventually want to grow in their second lives and many go on to become premium account member, land owners and active second life residents. We picked up and improved where Linden Labs left off when they abandoned the first land program.

As long as there are new residents, occasional players and those not interested in land ownership, there will be residents at Marston Estates.

Business Strategy

Our strategy is a simple one. To provide low cost housing for those seeking a place to create and call home. The rental process is simple. The covenant is easy to understand and the commitment is minimal.

Marston Estates is currently donating profits to fund a Memorial for the victims of the VT Tragedy. Soon we expect VTMT to move to it's own sim. When that happens the company will have twice as much land to develop and rent without any additional cost. Investors can expect the additional profit to be passed on in the form of dividends.

Business Strengths

In the current real estate market, estate and mainland is abundant and prices are considered too high for some newbies and occasional players. Rentals are for 30 days and priced affordably even for those who do not want to add real life money into second life. A newbie, hostess, builder or even a camper can afford the benefits of ownership on Marston Estates without the cost.

Market Overview

Marston Estates was created in February 2007 and quickly reached full occupancy within the first week enabling us to quickly purchase 2 more sims. Changes were made to the mission and goals of this infant company, which resulted in the sale of one of the sims and redevelopment of one to serve as a donation to the Virginia Tech Memorial Management Group. The original Sim has continued to thrive and generates enough profit to cover its tier and the tier of the donated Sim.

Use of Capital

IPO funds will be used for advertising, development and growth.

Risk Factors

A decrease in the value of the L$
If Second Life were to close
Unexpected changes to the real estate rental market or Linden Lab price increases.


Marston Davids over sees the day to activities. In game more then 8 hours a day. Also responses to IMs offlines ASAP.

Penelope Ghia Over sees all group money.

Experienced mangers oversee the day-to-day operations of the sim and actively participate in community building for Marston Estates and the Second Life Community in general.

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