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General Details

Company: Kavai Conglomerate Group (KCG)
Outstanding Shares: 1,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Kavai Onizuka
Non-Executive Director: Nicholas Portocarrero
Executive Director: Cenji Neutra


CEO's Real Life Name: Not Specified
CEO's Real Life Location: Macau

Cash on Hand: L$5,568,746.00
Land Owned: 0m2
Land Value: L$0.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$5,568,746.00

Monthly Income: L$344,176.00
Monthly Expenses: L$144,000.00

Chairman's Letter

To prospective shareholders: As all of you have seen, the economy of SL has been growing rapidly since the past year at an explosive rate. This is a golden opportunity for us to capitalize on this booming market to seize the potential Second Life has to offer. Kavai Conglomerate Group is a company ran by experts of the Second Life economy, and we are certain through our expertise and competent management we will be able to provide advanced financial services to growing companies of Second Life. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and TFI is posed to strike.

Mr Kavai Onizuka,


Business Overview

Kavai Conglomerate Group is a company engaging in various investment deals around Second Life. The company specializes in venture capital and commercial lending, and has been established in Second Life for over a year under the management of Mr Kavai Onizuka.

Business Strategy

Kavai Conglomerate Group is currently engaged in: Venture Capital Commercial Lending Consulting We see continuous growth in all 3 sectors, and our capital efficiency should remain at above 90% to accommodate large size expansions of the business.

Business Strengths

Over 3 years of business experience has been accumulated by the Chairman and CEO, Kavai Onizuka on the realm of Second Life. Management of a large company has been a specialty of the management at KCG, with the company managing over L$ 25,000,000 of assets.

Market Overview

We expect more and more financial firms to join the market eventually, however we should be able to keep our margins and efficiency at a leading rate. We see expansion into various new ventures as the SL economy continues to grow. As more Slers come into the economy, we should have no problem attracting new customers. We see our greatest growth in investments, namely in venture capital and banking.

Use of Capital

The funds will be used to fuel expansion of our investment portfolio, which is increasingly involved in real estate related businesses (such as rental properties). Venture capital and mortgages are also growing steadily and we see the additional capital to allow us to reach new customers.

Risk Factors

Risks mostly involves the overall health of the SL economy. We cannot project whether the growth in the user base will continue, thus it is difficult for us to have a projection of business development over a period of more than 2 months. Also major fluctuations in the value of the L$ will also have some impact on our investments as it could impact value.


Ms Satu Moreau - Chief Adviser

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