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General Details

Company: Sienkiewicz Investment Management (SIM)
Outstanding Shares: 5,503
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Pablo Sienkiewicz
COO Chief Operating Officer: Chao Mu
CAO Chief Analytics Officer: Unga Pau
CAO Chief Acquisition Officer: Delicious Demar
VP of technology: Faina Kohl


CEO's Real Life Name: Pablo Cartier
CEO's Real Life Location: Madrid, Spain

Cash on Hand: L$1.00
Land Owned: 0m2
Land Value: L$0.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$1.00

Monthly Revenue: L$0.00
Monthly Expenses: L$0.00

Chairman's Letter

Thank you for your interest in Sienkiewicz Investment Management (SIM), a company that brings a whole new business model to the WSE by creating the FIRST TRULY PUBLICLY OWENED COMPANY, with ALL shares (10 mill) being floated in the Initial Public Offering (IPO). SIM plans to put the business into the hands of investors! We will use a dual strategy of investment fund management, and real estate development, combined with an aggressive share buy-back program, to create value in the shares on the trading floor and on shareholders portfolios.

I invite you to invest in someone with a proven track record of success in SL real estate and WSE trading. Since the WSE opened, I have been an advisor to numerous WSE investors and "sold" over 6.5 mill shares, I have help them achieve the potential profit of 40% on those shares. Over the almost 9 months I’ve been dedicated myself to land, I sold hundreds of thousands of s.q.m. with an average profit of 20% on my initial investment.

I would also like to commit to providing 10% of net profits to charitable causes in SL and/or in the world at large. I believe that we are all responsible to give back some of whatever success we may have in any kind of endeavor we commit to.

Business Overview

SIM will essentially have two business streams:

Real Estate Development: Initial plans are to use 70% of raised capital from the IPO to purchase real estate for development in SL. Initial plans are focused on purchasing and resale of private islands, with expansion into mainland sims in a near future. The key to success in SL real estate is having a sufficient capital pool to purchase multiple islands and sims at auction, and with 70% of capital available, SIM should be able to purchase between 6 and 8 sims initially.

Investment Portfolio Management: The rest 30% of raised capital will be used to invest in shares on the WSE. SIM will rigorously research companies on the WSe, using a combination of quantitative analysis (PE ratios, NAVPS, yield, stock trend and patterns, etc.), as well as qualitative analysis (major shareholder and company interviews, prospectus review, CEO profiling, etc.)

Business Strategy

In addition to the strategies outlined above, SIM will pursue an aggressive share buy-back strategy, with 50% of net profits being used to purchase SIM shares at market value. We believe that the dual investment strategy (land assets and stocks), combined with a SIM share buy back strategy, will increase share value dramatically over time.

SIM will be buying shares systematically every month until we reach the 51% of the shares volume, after that, there will have a meeting to decide if we need a new strategy, or if we keep buying back the shares.

Business Strengths

We believe we have one of the most prepare and professional teams in SL. All members of the team have proven numerous times that they are the best on their fields.

Our proven track record of success within the Second Life community provides us with the experience need it to make this company one of the most, if not the most profitable in WSE history.

Pablo Sienkiewicz, our CEO Chief Executive Officer, with over eight years of experience in RL as a salesman, Real Estate broker and marketing director for Century 21 in Madrid, Spain, is uniquely qualified to handle the sensitive task of taking this company to the highest places in SL and WSE.

In the 8 months since Pablo has joined SL, he has successfully developed numerous business deals and has parlayed his expertise into such profitable ventures as land deals and casinos. Pablo has also served as a personal advisor to many successful SL entrepreneurs.

Chao Mu our COO Chief Operating Officer, with a proven track record of running 2 of the most successful companies on the exchange (THI/TCI) as well as maintaining a 3 million linden portfolio. Chao brings the experience in execution and operations that is an asset to our success. With THI his experience is captured in the sectors of marketing, gambling and retail. With TCI he brings his real world experience in the areas of game design, off shore casino, and running a real world company into play. Always available for his shareholders and always fighting for there protection Chao understands how to run a company.

Unga Pau, our CAO Chief Analytics Officer, brings with him significant stock trading experience. When trading stocks he weighs fundamental analysis (basics as to why a stock has value), technical analysis (reading stock charts – for patterns and indicators), economics (the overview), and the nature of fear {bottoming process} and greed {topping process}. For the last seven years he has been a professional investor, prior to that he was an executive at a Wall Street technology company which implemented an electronic commerce network (an alternate exchange which matches orders or routes them to the floors of various stock exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange). In that capacity his customers included the trading desks and floor brokers of two hundred and fifty brokerage firms. Unga Pau understands how markets work.

Delicious Demar, our CAO Chief Acquisition Officer, has a proven track record of success in SL, having taken an initial investment a year ago, and turned it into a diversified set of business worth ten times as much today. Delicious has done a bit of everything in SL, having operated retail and service businesses, run malls, designed and sold clothes, prefab commercial buildings, sculptures and furniture. She has a large real estate operation on both mainland and private islands, and her newest venture, Delicious Skins, promises to bring her successful business formula into another market.

Delicious prides herself on having strong business ethics and a community-conscience, and runs all of her business with a principle-centered style based on drive, hard work, and careful planning.

Faina Kohl, our VP of technology, brings over 10 years of RL experience in Software Development industry. In Second Life Faina runs Gaming Systems, a leading game development enterprise.

Market Overview

There are between 2 and 10 million shares traded on the WSE every day, representing 3 to 12 million Lindens. There are 68 companies currently on the trading floor, with another 22 currently in IPO. They run the gamut from pure venture capital firms, to retail, to real estate, to scripting and marketing. Finding the solid companies that promise to provide a good yield, and/or steady growth in share value over time is both an art and a science. With an ever increasing impetus toward transparency and verification of information, investing in the WSE is becoming more stable over time, and SIM is well positioned to take advantage of this trend by investing in firms with a solid baseline and good prospects.

The real estate business is booming in Second Life. With the introduction of a new continent on the mainland, and the ever increasing number of new residents, opportunities abound. At this point, over 70 million square meters of land are sold monthly in SL, more than double the same time last year. The real estate market in SL is a proven money-maker, for companies with sufficient capital to diversity land types and sizes, and to ride the fast-paced waves of the market.

Use of Capital

The money raised from the IPO will be to purchase ONE island sim, since we need to test a new software that we order to manage island automatically, we think this will take between one and 2 weeks after getting the island. Once that’s tested, we will get 4 more island sims in orther to have a total of 5. When 20% of that land is sold, we will get another island...and so on, so we can always have 5 islands sims for sale, and we can fit any customer needs.

We will bid on mainland sims, but that will be after getting all 5 island sims, and we will not bid just to get the sim, if we can get a fair price, we will, and if we don’t, we'll just keep buying mainland, but bits and pieces, and never more than 2 sims total.

The rest of the 70% will be to pay tier fees, and in case we come accros a land deal we can’t refuse.

As we know by now, the rest 30% will be use to invest on the WSE, and we will only invest that money, if we find a company worth investing in. There are some.... so I’m sure we will find it after long and professional research. The money that is not invested, will remain there....until an investment opportunity arrives.

Since SIM is the Fist Truly Public Company on ALL the Exchanges in SL, all our economic info will be public. The islands we got, where and why we bought shares, how much, all LMs for our mainland land.

We will use 50% of profit each month to buy-back company shares, at a market value, until we reach 51% of the company shares.
With 25% of the profit we will invest in the company itself for growth.
Only 15% of net profits will be use to pay salaries.
And with the reminder 10% of the profits we will donate to charitable causes.

Risk Factors

Real Estate: The risk factors in real estate are well known, LL releasing enough land to flood the market causing mainland prices to lower. We mitigate this risk by heavy investment into private islands where the price is based on a fixed cost and tier more so than a speculative market

Stock Investments: No investment is guaranteed, with today’s market conditions and lack of regulation this further increases the risk. The mitigating factor to this is the entre board of directors of the company are either CEO's or heavy traders. They know the risks and the work around as they work with them every day.

Platform: Second life has many risks most notable of them is the stability of the servers, the asset servers and the transaction servers. There is very little we can do on that side and that risk is controlled by Linden Labs. We do have confidence this this is the business platform of the future.

Our risk mitigation strategy involves being heavy invested in a more stable market (Islands) and lighter invested in a speculative market (mainland and stocks) we also look to provide residual income to pay for expenses creating a point we were are operating with high levels of profit. Our expansion and roll outs are designed so that we launch one only after we are capable of handling the expenses on it.


Pablo Sienkiewicz CEO Chief Executive Officer
Chao Mu COO Chief Operating Officer
Unga Pau CAO Chief Analytics Officer
Delicious Demar CAO Chief Acquisition Officer
Faina Kohl VPT Vice President of Technology

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